online courses

Dear Student,

Welcome to my online courses. My hope is that you landed here because you read my blog and resonate with my voice. I am passionate. What I share is authentic – authentically me (or an authentic integration by me of a collection of other people’s work). The skills, tools, and strategies I share are all those that have made a (massive) difference in the quality of my ‘day’. And my experience only continues to expand. I can stand by my content, as I know the space I share it from. As for the user experience and professional presentation of my work – in blog (editing) or in courses (everything) – that’s a whole different story. Big learning curve. Big. Give it a chance. If the content is as authentic as I am claiming…the aesthetics will fade away, and you will resonate with the ‘something more’.
The aesthetics will improve…growth..a process…naturally evolving…;)

You are great…thank you…Sally

sally creates and shares ideas that allow adults and children to feel seen, heard, valued, and understood.

sally seiffer