‘ho ho humanity’ wrote itself in her mind as she woke…

I’m a hack. I know I’m a hack. I create. I definitely create. I love to create. But I hack my way to a desired outcome. I use multiple tools and resources available to get to an end. I love what I post when I post it. Sometimes I watch or see something I posted and I don’t like it as much. I let it go. I’m on to the next thing.


I wrote the following content earlier this week. This is the last blog post for 2021. It’s no year in review. I left the writing as it was. I like to think it prefers to be untouched. May you be eager to express the goodness vibes in you that show up to inspire and remind you of you. YOU are your only job. And only you know how to do you✌️✌️

earlier this week…

One of the reasons I started posting content was because I began to notice myself arguing, pushing, ‘fighting’ for social and emotional wellbeing and its necessary place (focus/priority) in the school setting. You may have a similar experience of something that you see so clearly as a contribution to the whole, the greater good. As far as you can tell, your interest in the desired outcome is pure, one of inclusivity and greater good thinking. But yet, you are operating as if you have to fight. You have an agenda for goodness that you are pushing. So even in the broader context of contribution to the greater good, the patterns of ‘pushing’ against an enemy and the ‘fight’ still create opposition. The energy is doing it’s thing, it’s impartial. When you live as if there is an enemy to beat, guess what? There’s an enemy beat. Goodness exists. When I was able to grow in my awareness of how ridiculous it was to ‘fight for’ the goodness, I backed off and started to write. This allowed me an outlet to share my thoughts and point of view. If what I was supporting was aligned with truth, it would grow. And the momentum of truth, goodness, inclusive thinking would expand and attract more of the same. It would grow its own algorithm connected to the momentum of that which is possible, rather than that which continues to feel like looking up from the bottom of a mountain with desired outcomes somewhere beyond it – elusive. The goodness. The good stuff. It’s available. It’s everywhere. You find what you look for. You prove your story over and over again. You attract the evidence that matches your belief.

I shorten a skillset that grows self-awareness to 1. notice, and then 2. name. The naming seems to dial in the present moment. Grounding the senses into the physical space of here and now.

There are two more skills to add: allow and release.

If you have had difficulty with managing feelings and have begun to notice the recurring patterns, the additional skills will take you to the next level.

Allow the experience that shows up without telling a story about it. Allow. Without comparison, without criticism, without judgement. Allow. Notice what is happening whether it is internal or external, name it to ground it and bring a present sense of ‘this is happening’ – fact, and allow it to be what it is. Resistance shows up here, the familiar patterns of resistance: this is where I fight; this is where I leave; this is where I freeze; this is when I give up. Allow the response.

When you allow the response you release the response. The energy moves through like a weather pattern . Energy is dynamic. Constant. I imagine my body like pixels. Malleable rather than a solid mass.

‘A cell has three main jobs,’ she tells the kids, ‘to be flexible, balanced, and intact.’

You are trillions of cells. You are fluid, connected, and hold the space of integrity. You are an evolution of continuous growth. You have a frontal lobe that allows you to be curious and wonder about what you notice. Discomfort and the unexpected or unplanned get your attention – your focus. You are equipped with the inner resources to move toward the ‘problem’ and do the next thing to problem solve toward growth and outcomes that build on themselves.

You are an evolution of awesome ✌️✌️