Speaking of reinvent, my blog name has shifted on its own. I refer to my content now as day. That’s it: day. I also kind of like the sensual vibe. I’m working that out. Selfcare and sensual living go together. If you read my posts, you know what I mean by sensual: experiencing day in the moments through the physical senses and allowing it to be enough, as is. Fresh.  

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In Yoga, I learned this same concept to be the root chakra. The ground floor. Grounding into present time and space to access a sense of safety and security that allows the energy to flow. When this chakra is open, there is now access to the second chakra: pleasure.

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In Quiet Time, one becomes the noticer of the inside world of thoughts, sensations, and impulses that guide action. One is also the noticer of what it feels like to be regulated. One begins to recognize that there is an inherent sense of a balanced or regulated state of being in day. Extreme conditions can happen, and we can tell a story that when they do happen, we are equipped to move toward them. Day does not have to be extreme.

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Over the last few years (post quarantine) I’ve noticed that the ‘academics’ I pay attention to have begun their more recently published books with a section on defining terms. It’s an interesting thing to consider for one whom has a desire to be an authentic communicator – (ie. ‘are we even talking about the same…

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“There are no throwaways; you are not your last decision,” is what I think I heard the person being interviewed say as I scrolled through my Instagram feed yesterday…

I have made some really bad decisions in moments where it seemed as if I had more control and ability to make a better decision. In these moments that I am recollecting, there is nothing to point a finger at as to ‘why’ I did what I did. ‘I made a bad decision’ is the only outcome I can resonate with – no logical excuse to point a finger at as to ‘why’.

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In closing, the 2014 San Diego speakers and presenters were on their way to another conference the following week. This next conference was held in San Francisco: Wisdom 2.0. It had a much bigger draw. The following year, I attended the same San Diego conference. The big names weren’t there. They were in San Francisco for Wisdom 2.0. Let’s suggest that Wisdom 2.0 attracts those connected (no pun intended) with the digital industry of Silicon Valley. A lot more money and influence in the digital industry than in public education.

Worth mentioning…Brene Brown and Adam Grant influence industry as well, as organizational psychologists. All this gets a lot engagement as there is a lot of power and influence (money) in big business.

Why doesn’t it begin in schools?

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True or False. What one believes is the filter through which they view the world. As a school social worker, I have attended my share of Trauma workshops. My experience of the workshops specific to trauma have felt ‘traumatizing’ (word use not intended to make light of the nature of trauma and its effect on…

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It’s time for the second half.  Today is July 5 and the first day of the fifth week of an 8-week content series I have been sharing on my Sally & Sifer Facebook Page (@sallysifer). Sally & Sifer is a phonetic play on my full name: Sally Ann Seiffer. My neighbor’s design business is named…

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I have been spending this past week in South Florida. I love to paddleboard, and there is a lot of water here. I do not paddleboard in S Florida because I am scared of alligators. I’m as fascinated about the alligators as I am fearful of them. I enjoy spotting them in the ponds, and even seeing them at a distance as they lay in the hot sun.

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