I have 111 posts. 

I like numbers. I notice the time on my phone. The time on my dashboard. When it is aligned I notice. It’s fun to feel the something more. As a thinking human I get to tell the story about aligned numbers. The story I tell only needs to resonate with me. 

This morning I was going to repost the first blog post of 2021. Last month, I completed the nine Executive Functions I referenced in that first post.

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My favorite social app is Instagram. I have 200 followers. I post a video Sunday night and a blogquote midweek. I have momentum in the content, so I mostly ride the wave with a moderate, consistent level of  self-satisfaction. It feels good. Every now and then I fall off the wave and entertain self-doubt, and maybe even embarrassment when I consider the way I feel compared to the observable data. And then I get a special comment or like from someone I admire, and it goes away.

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Ideas that popularize do not appear in an instant. Not ideas that lead to meaningful shifts and a broadened paradigm of collective reasoning. Someone, manyone, reference the analogy of a seed planted and the time it takes for that seed to reach the surface; and then from there to grow into itself and share the abundance of goodness that was coded into the original seed.

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When I OWN (observe, witness, notice) my FITS (feelings, impluses, thoughts sensations) in the NOW, I have WON the opportunity to choose. I am a choicemaker. I lead my thinking, my feeling, and my actions (impulses/urges). When I lead, I am in charge. Leaders make choices to execute well intended plans that contribute to the goodness. Leaders are executives of their lives and influence those they interact with. Humans are born with inner resources that allow them to execute their life. Executive Functions.

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