In closing, the 2014 San Diego speakers and presenters were on their way to another conference the following week. This next conference was held in San Francisco: Wisdom 2.0. It had a much bigger draw. The following year, I attended the same San Diego conference. The big names weren’t there. They were in San Francisco for Wisdom 2.0. Let’s suggest that Wisdom 2.0 attracts those connected (no pun intended) with the digital industry of Silicon Valley. A lot more money and influence in the digital industry than in public education.

Worth mentioning…Brene Brown and Adam Grant influence industry as well, as organizational psychologists. All this gets a lot engagement as there is a lot of power and influence (money) in big business.

Why doesn’t it begin in schools?

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True or False. What one believes is the filter through which they view the world. As a school social worker, I have attended my share of Trauma workshops. My experience of the workshops specific to trauma have felt β€˜traumatizing’ (word use not intended to make light of the nature of trauma and its effect on…

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It’s time for the second half.  Today is July 5 and the first day of the fifth week of an 8-week content series I have been sharing on my Sally & Sifer Facebook Page (@sallysifer). Sally & Sifer is a phonetic play on my full name: Sally Ann Seiffer. My neighbor’s design business is named…

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I have been spending this past week in South Florida. I love to paddleboard, and there is a lot of water here. I do not paddleboard in S Florida because I am scared of alligators. I’m as fascinated about the alligators as I am fearful of them. I enjoy spotting them in the ponds, and even seeing them at a distance as they lay in the hot sun.

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Do you love it when day goes the way you expected? Do you extra love it when day exceeds expectations? Do you agree that life is easy to enjoy when it complies with the desires of your heart? I left for a summer road trip on Tuesday. I have been curious about a new experience…

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“Wellbeing is just a word put on a feeling state of possibility. The feeling state is one of empowerment. This feeling state allows access to a broader sense of thinking, feeling, and being in a conditional world. You have your own guidance and intuition. Attune to it. Operate from this state as often as you can. Start here.”

When a general population that has the mental and emotional capacity to do this and does it, it lessens the intensity of the extremes.

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I remember loving a movie titled Serendipity. A chance encounter meets poor timing. A phone number is written in a book and put on a shelf.Β  A feeling state of possibility. Serendipitous events, circumstances, situations happen all the time. I call them Synchronicities – which is actually what I thought the movie was called until…

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If I am recalling correctly, early on I began noticing familiar patterns of behavior that showed up over and over again in different settings. The same conversation, the same script, the same escape, the same blame, the same tone of voice, the same anger, the same excuse, the same meeting, the same conclusion, etc. The same. Stuck and spinning in a version of the same outcome.Β 
I noticed the patterns even as an active participant. As if I was watching it all play out like a hovering ghost.Β 

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Life is continuous evolution. We split our energy and create tension when we don’t disrupt limiting beliefs about change. Change is discomfort. Discomfort triggers stress response. When we aren’t β€˜in’ on how it all plays together, we can get stuck or spin in a life of pushing against what we don’t want, rather than being pulled toward new outcomes that match the desires of our heart.Β 

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