When I OWN (observe, witness, notice) my FITS (feelings, impluses, thoughts sensations) in the NOW, I have WON the opportunity to choose. I am a choicemaker. I lead my thinking, my feeling, and my actions (impulses/urges). When I lead, I am in charge. Leaders make choices to execute well intended plans that contribute to the goodness. Leaders are executives of their lives and influence those they interact with. Humans are born with inner resources that allow them to execute their life. Executive Functions.

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So much more to say about this skill. To inhibit. Why inhibit an action or inaction? The story one tells about the why has a lot to do with a belief system. Is the why rooted in fear, or possibility.

What feels better?

A true sense of possibility is lasting. Sustainable.

It’s good.

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When we practice noticing the indicator that is stress, we can work with the new information rather than avoid or push against it. When we learn to manage day-to-day and how we respond to information and conditions, we grow a sense of control that allows better understanding and trust in managing the BIG (and even the extreme) situations, circumstances, and events. 

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Living day in creative mode allows for continuous growth, as well as what feels like an abundance of choice and opportunity for new, more desirable outcomes. In this mode, one is tapped into inner resources. Inner resources are naturally abundant as they exist in the nonphysical state of energy flow – wellbeing.

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