I once had a random-but-not-random encounter with a woman in Wash Park who had just purchased a coaching business. The name of the coaching program was Best Year Yet. The creator of the ‘success’ formula for Best Year Yet was Jinny Ditzler. Jinny was local to Denver, but began her coaching career in London. Jinny contributed her writing more recently to the Huffington Post. Jinny is considered one of the original life coaches. I think the other two main references in her book, Your Best Year Yet, included the early work of Stephen Covey and Tony Robbins. 

I recently heard that Jinny died. The influence of her book and ‘success’ formula was lasting, as everything I put on my plan came to be. It’s a simple formula. 

Jinny’s ‘why’ story is probably what resonated most. Put simply, Jinny had her ‘aha’ moment in the early days of career when she recognized she was just showing up and doing a job, she was not oriented toward results. 






I reference ‘results’ a lot. The inside sensation of feeling ‘stuck’ or ‘spinning’ is an indicator that there may be a limiting pattern in place. Limiting patterns continue to create versions of the same undesirable result. The undesirable result is most likely connected to a story (paradigm, mindset, belief) that you are not enough – you are lacking, or insufficient. Something is missing. 

The essence of this limiting story, and shifting one’s false belief, seems to be the fundamental core of any program, belief system, or organization that facilitates the unveiling of human potential.  

Here is the spoiler alert for any personal growth process. Observable conditions are never the problem, and they are never the solution. The juice is in the story we tell about the conditions. As the observer of external conditions, we have the capacity to apply the filter. Most of us are under a false illusion that the attainment of things, or the adoration of others, is the answer to the dull, or busy, sensation of lack – something is missing and needs to be found. 

Nothing is missing. Your skills, talents, and abilities live within you. You have the juice. Juice up your juicy juice by telling the story of what’s possible. Possibility is a feeling. To live from an empowered state of possibility is to be attuned to the magic of existence. 

June 1 is next Monday. Use this week to create a story of the outcomes you desire on August 1. Leave out no detail. Read the journal entry each day and resonate with the feeling state of positive expectancy and possibility, as if it is happening in real time.

The feeling state of positive expectation and possibility is not a result of conditions. Desirable conditions are the result of the feeling state of positive expectation and possibility. See what happens on August 1. 

And then tell another story.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

Marianne Williamson