There is nothing quite like a contentious topic such as freedom to piss people off. Freedom. Does it make sense that anyone would not be free? It’s interesting that this idea sparks fear – if everyone was free, I/others would not be safe (?) 

Wow. The thought of freedom provokes fear. This seems a bit problematic. Freedom and fear – what a duel. I wonder which is winning right now. 

While I do believe that until everyone is free, no one is free; the focus of this blog is freedom within.

STuFfeD (slow the fuck down): self-care 101. Caring about yourself enough to notice the thoughts you think. The thoughts you think create the story you tell. Do your thoughts tell a story of freedom and possibility, or do your thoughts hold you captive? Do you have the freedom to change your thinking? Do you have the freedom to tell your own story?

Noticing your thoughts and choosing to create a story of possibility is as free as it gets. The power to tell your own story is liberating. Freedom is a state, an expansive energy. Feeling a sense of freedom and possibility feels good. Why? Because it is good. It’s natural to attune to, and resonate with, the infinite source of freedom. The energy source that permeates through all life and existence.

Do you question and wonder about the intelligence of your smartphone? Do you question and wonder about the inner workings of your cellular system to keep you breathing? Do you question and wonder about the integral parts at play that allow you to attune to the physical aspects of what you perceive to be your reality? 

Do you accept your freedom to wonder about ANYTHING? Or do you hold yourself captive and limit your capacity to create, to dream, to allow, to let go.