Have you ever felt saturated? Have you felt an all-consuming state of overwhelm? And then just like that it releases, it lets go. The void of despair vanishes. In an instant the fog clears. No action required. Clarity. A clear path, or reasonable next step, presents itself as if it were there the whole time. A logical sequence of events unfolds. A confirmed knowing that things work out. A new perspective painting a much more manageable, reasonable, or even logical, ‘picture’. 


An all-clear. A reset. Open. A feeling of possibility. Positive expectancy.

I love a good shift. 

The more I notice shifts as they happen in the day to day, the more aware I am of the general, natural experience of my thoughts and ideas continually shifting to allow for a more expansive interpretation of whatever the situation, circumstance, or event is that I am letting consume me. I can begin to anticipate the shift, a clearing.

I think what I just described is the opposite of what can be an accepted way of moving through ‘day’. Unconsciously maintaining a muddled, unexamined mindset that assumes it is necessary and contingent to one’s survival, perhaps even a moral obligation – ‘the right thing to do’, to anticipate the next worst thing. 

If I can become aware of the daily shifts in my mood and attitude (noticing thoughts and feelings and the story they tell – fear or possibility), then I can at least become aware of how internal shifts are similar to external shifts (ie. weather may be a helpful observation of how shifts occur in nature). Once I recognize how much the shift is part of my experience, I can get into a space of choice. If I can assume shifts happen and are available, external dynamics begin to lose their power even if they don’t outwardly change. Acknowledging shifts occur that allow for a broader perspective and knowing of what is possible, diffuses the bomb.

Ordinary day, extraordinary way. Anticipate the shift. And then validate the hell out of it when it happens. Guess what happens now? The pathways shift. Our natural response shifts to one of possibility. We build new maps. New internal roadways, new patterns. 

We are so intelligent. So intelligent. 

This content share is nothing more than flipping a script. Rather than continuing worn paths of preparing for the next worst thing, we flip to intentionally creating new paths toward the next best thing.

That’s all it is.