In my late-early years, teaching Behavioral Health at Hemet high school in Hemet, California, I had a student who left a comment on a semester exam that asked for course feedback. His comment stuck with me. He wrote: ‘…most was bullshit and a waste of time, but every now and then you threw out a nugget I could chew on.’

There is something tender in direct, honest feedback. He nailed it. 

The nugget.

The nugget precedes the shift. The nugget is essential.

I write these blogs in a somewhat lucid state of early morning. This one is a doozy. 

Anticipate a nugget. Let the rest go.

Consciousness is awareness.

‘Woke’ is a word that is trending. The digital age lent itself to disruption. Disruption creates discomfort. Discomfort has a job. Discomfort gets one’s attention. When one attends to discomfort they shift their focus. When you are aware of the shift you are conscious of it. A conscious person is awake. Woke.

Have you ever worn a pair of shoes that gave you blisters…wait for it…more than once? It may have taken three or more ‘reps’ to wake you up to your own power to problem solve for new outcomes.

Have you ever had what feels like an out-of-body experience where you become a witness to your role in a conversation that sounds more like a memorized script stuck on replay? The theme of the script being a version of complaining or blaming – finger pointing.

The out of body experience is awareness. It’s neutral. It’s an observation. 

This is consciousness.

When we wake up to recognizing thought patterns that tell the story which fuels our behavior, we shift into what Michael Singer calls the seat of consciousness. 

If consciousness is at the center, when we rest in this space we can observe oppositional forces that maintain a physical world. 

Imagine a tennis ball represents consciousness; one’s awareness or ability to observe, witness, notice their experience. 

The tennis ball is suspended in space with one kid size hula hoop placed horizontally around it, and another kid size hula hoop placed vertically. 

This is the structure of a cell. A center (nucleus) within a container. The function of the cell is to maintain integrity, balance, and fluidity. Human beings are made up of trillions of these cells.

When we are conscious we can observe the functions of a physical world. We can observe the oppositional forces that create structure, and we can observe the tangential/ push-pull forces that maintain the space within the structure.

When we are aware of functions we can use them as tools to support our experience. When we lose our connection to consciousness, we can get stuck and/or spin in the functions, falsely assuming there is no other choice.

A relevant application in real time?

The internet is not in charge. You observe and manage your use of it. It’s a tool.

Social media is not in charge. You observe and manage your use of it. It’s a tool.

When you are tapped in to your consciousness, you are alive. You are breath. You are movement. You are aware of how you interpret energy and information through your physical senses. You are the storyteller. You are intelligence.

You are badass.