A shift in the temperature. A shift in a mood. A shift in perspective. A shift into a balanced state. A shift out of a balanced state. Subtle shifts slowly illuminate. Subtle shifts slowly darken. You are the observer. You are the witness. You are the noticer.

When the temperature shifts, we manage it. We may even anticipate the shift and plan accordingly. When one gets out ahead of the anticipated shift it allows one to maintain a sense of comfort and control. There is a sense of comfort in maintaining routines and structures that support one’s day to day experience. 

Noticing cycles and patterns in nature allow one to plan (somewhat) – but not always. Unexpected shifts in weather patterns can create inconvenience (at best). Inconvenience allows for a sense of discomfort. Discomfort is a form of pain. Our intelligent system has receptor sites for pain and responds accordingly. When we notice pain and discomfort, we can soothe it. We can slow down and attend to the experience. 

Cycles. Patterns. Shifts. Moods. Energy. Dynamic. Movement.

Energy in motion. E-motion. 

Noticing the shifts within as a curious observer allows one to identify what is happening. Being a curious witness to the response allows one to wonder about what is happening. Understanding the intelligence of the nervous system can support a perspective that allows for the feeling experience of energy in motion rather than the reactive experience of discomfort. When we are present to the experience we can manage the experience. Managing one’s experience is regulating the response. Just like we can regulate our response to the shifts in weather, we can regulate our response to the shifts in our inside world. 

I refer to the inside world as: Feelings, Impulses, Thoughts, Sensations. FITS. One can identify, understand, and manage one’s FITS. 

Daniel Goleman may define emotional intelligence as such: to identify, understand, and manage one’s emotions. Energy in motion. Emotional regulation.

Who are you? You are the Observer. You are the Witness. You are the Noticer. 

When I OWN my experience in the NOW, I have WON the opportunity to choose. Choice lives in the space between cause and effect. The more I practice slowing down enough to be the noticer, the more this space grows. The more one can anticipate the pattern of cause and effect, the more one can plan accordingly (somewhat). Problem-solving lives in this space. As do all things that contribute to growth: imagine-ation, create-tivity, broad view, logical next steps, etc.

The space between cause and effect is where we can execute reasonable next steps that contribute to sustainable growth outcomes.

Execute. Executive. Leader. Lead. Control.

Executive Functions. I am in charge of me when I observe my inside world and witness my response. I notice the opportunity to move toward discomfort. All I ever have to do is the next thing.

The sweet spot. The somewhat. It is in this space between where I am okay with with the unknowing. The uncertainty. In this space is balance. Equilibrium. In this space is the essence of context – more. The something more. In this space is enough.

It’s enough to notice the anticipation of possibility. It’s enough to allow for a sense of wonder. 

Emotional Intelligence 101.