By the end of the school year following the Breckenridge summer, I declared my own devotion to learning and teaching all things mindfulness. 

Looking back at the last (almost) decade, it wasn’t the consumption of new knowledge and information ABOUT mindfulness. It was the practice. The practice of slowing down and noticing what it was like to be exactly who I was. 

The practice of mindfulness unfolded the answer to my internal question. Growing up, my mom’s constant feedback was: ‘Sally. Just be yourself.’  My familiar split response: 1. relief –  is that it? easy. I can do that… and then 2. how the hell do I do that?

When it comes to a return to one’s authentic state of wellbeing, no amount of new knowledge and information can substitute the transformative experience of being present in mind and body. 

Being the noticer. The noticer of thoughts and feelings and the story I tell.

Is the story one of fear and lack, or is the story one of possibility and plenty. 

Here we are in December. So many words used to describe this year. Unprecedented comes to mind. 

What’s next? 

What will be so different January 1, 2021? If #2020 became the answer to the problem – what does it solve?

Taking some time to reflect on the year can set you up for what’s next – what’s next for you. What do you want next? If #2020 made what’s wrong so clear, what is it that is so right?

Tell your own story about what’s next. What is it that you have been pushing against? Flip it. This little thought habit can show you what it is you are pulled toward. Live in the space of possibility by constantly getting clear on what it is you are pulled toward. Tell this story.

If I may guess, what most of us are pulled toward widdles down to a version of freedom. Freedom to choose. Freedom to feel. Freedom to wonder. Freedom to be. 

Are conditions the requirement for your freedom, or is it the story you tell about the conditions that sets you free?