The inspired state. 

Take me to the inspired state of wellbeing.

Not motivated. Motivated is focused on external outcomes.

Inspired lives inside. It’s personal. It feels expansive. A state of possibility. It exists. We tap in.

 A fifth grade student made a comment a few weeks back. We were in a comfortable setting with three other fifth grade students. To my knowledge, the group is friendly with one another as they can get ‘off task’ together. 

The environment was comfortable and safe. No triggers. 

The student said rather thoughtfully, ‘If you think about it, life is really scary. You could do suicide. You could do drugs. A car could run you over.’  The other students began to add to that ‘matter-of-fact’ comment, and the word depression surfaced.

All kids have layers. All kids have stories. On the surface, this group is an All American cover shoot. 

The entry point of myself with this group was related to academic engagement (ie. interest).

I would say there is nothing unusual about the comment. It may even be considered an expected comment. 

When bumped, thoughts and feelings spill out. 

There wasn’t even a bump. Just an opportunity to make a comment.

This was our third meeting together. I can’t remember my exact response. I know I had my phone, and I know I was now done with any sort of formality and ‘curriculum’. I legitimized myself in less than a minute by saying that I had had depression for over a decade. I showed them a quick scroll of my social media to add evidence of my genuine interest in sharing skills, tools, and strategies to grow goodness – the state of wellbeing. 

Within three minutes that conversation spun to what it means to be inspired. And then to a connection of what it feels like to be inspired. And then to a curiosity of how that feeling of inspiration can make even the most tedious ‘have to’ not even a deal.

In another conversation with a parent of a middle schooler, a similar topic came up. A twist to the familiar ‘mean kids with power’. The wondering was: if the kids are engaged (ie. interested…inspired?) does the mean behavior continue to be the issue.

Flip that concept to day-to-day life. 

Is mean behavior toward self or other a result of a truly inspired state. An energetic state radiating from the flow of wellbeing. 

(mean thoughts and mean feelings trigger mean behavior..results of mean behavior reflect a cruel world)

When you are tapped in to your own state of inspiration, are you mean? Mean to self? Mean to others?

This is a self-care blog. It only has to do with you. 

Tapping into an inspired state feels good. Being inspired feels SO GOOD. Inspired people inspire others. It’s often not a particular topic of interest that is inspiring, it’s the energy. The energetic vibration of living from an inspired state. 

Authentic engagement. Authentic possibility. Authentic. 


I am mostly new to Instagram. I follow and unfollow to stick with what I find to be informative, uplifting, and inspirational. What I find to be interesting. What is cool (to me). What engages me.

My Insta is full of inspiring stories. I choose. I create the algorithm. 

One inspired story attracts the next inspired story. 

Just as one thought attracts the next thought. 

Inspired people inspire. An inspired state is tapped into wellbeing. Wellbeing resonates with equilibrium and balance. And then it grows from there…wherever it is focused.