Incremental growth.

What is it that you have grown from?

Where were you that now indicates growth?

Growth. A constant.

Where you are now is not where you will be.

You can’t NOT grow. And growth is better. You know more. You have experienced something. It taught you. 

You tell the story.

Awareness. Curiosity. Wonder.


You are the noticer. The observer. The witness to your growth. You can choose to be curious about it. You can wonder about where you are, what you have grown from, and what you desire more of – how you want to grow moving forward.

You have the ability to plan.

‘Plan’ is just a word. ‘To plan’ is an ability or action. Wondering and being curious about desired outcomes is not only fun, it contributes to your own natural sense of what is possible. You become part of the play.

What is interesting is that one might use this inner resource, ‘planning’, to intentionally create more of the same. To stay the same. To control outcomes that are familiar. This construct is self perpetuating, stemming from a belief that controlling outcomes supports one’s sense of safety and security. 

Where does a sense of safety and security come from? 

Split energy.

Wanting one thing (goodness, freedom), but living in contrast to its existence (fear and scarcity) creates a split. The two forces contradict one another creating tension. Tension is stress. 

What happens if one of the forces lets go? Does the energy move? Does it feel good? 

When I run on the treadmills at Orange Theory, the coach uses a variety of techniques to inspire effort. To inspire pushing oneself outside of their comfort zone. The ‘pushes’ and the ‘all-outs’ are increments of time – they don’t last that long contrary to what it feels like while you’re in it. 

The transition from the ‘all-out’ back to ‘base’ is what the coach encourages one to focus on. If you can hold on and trust that you will return to a manageable pace, that’s the space where the most growth occurs. In the transition between the challenge – the push, the all-out –  back to base (the set point, the comfortable rhythm); if that set point is too high you may get results, but the chances of burn out are probably higher, as well as potentially contributing to a lack of enthusiasm to initiate the workout – losing sense of the bigger play.

You are a machine. You have clean, working rhythms contributing to your play. You are the observer of patterns – what works, what doesn’t work. You are the energy of pure potential that moves the parts.

You are greatness. You are love. You are possibility.

You are also so damn simple.

Let go of the tension.