one of three choices or preferences for today’s eye appointment. #soexcited

I love blog morning. I love this macbook I type on. I love google docs.

I just threw out several qualifiers (macbook and google docs) that may open themselves to differing opinions.

If I chip away at the underlying source of my love for ‘macbook’ and ‘google docs’ it is easy to uncover my preference for design and ease.

Design and Ease are approachable concepts to a general audience. The terms Design and Ease lend themselves to an individual’s curiosity about their own preferences and interpretations. What elements of design am I drawn to? What does ease feel like?

I can argue about Macbook and Google Docs and why I like them, but why? I get my preference and you get your preference. I allow this thinking.

When I feel a need to prove my preference, or excessively explain my preference with a goal to persuade another into my way of thinking, the energy gets weird. The more attuned I am to energy, the better I can guide myself away from the fight, the ‘other’, the push against; and stay in the flow of what I am pulled toward.

In either a blog or something else I published not too long ago, I shared a thought that I am super curious about: so many stories and diverse interpretations of ‘day’; yet not so many patterns and emotional states.

What I did by chipping away at Macbook to uncover a design preference, and Google Docs to uncover a love for ease, is something I started calling LCF (lowest common feeling – a play off of lowest common denominator). What is underneath a desired outcome? Desired outcomes are essential as they are non negotiable. In order for anything to exist, there must be an opposing force. Wherever one ‘stands’ (literally or figuratively) is as an observer. The external world of conditions is observable. The human observes the conditions and has a response. The underbelly of the response is either a desire for more of the same, or for something different. By observing, I open myself up to a preference: I like this, I don’t like this. 

It’s your own thing.

This concept of having autonomy as the observer and choice maker, is the basis for continuous growth or evolving consciousness; consciousness being the aliveness. The awareness of the conditions and one’s response to their perception of the conditions. 

You are so cool. 

Truly. You are. You get to be you. You get to have your own opinion. Your own preference. Your own desired outcome.

Self-care. Caring about yourself enough to take time to reflect on your preferences. 

Last post for March. Theme: planning. Planning, to plan, is a skill – an inner resource. To plan allows one to execute for desired outcomes. The more one can align a desired outcome with a feeling state ultimately allows one more control over their experience of day. When one feels good, one feels good. The qualifiers are not responsible for the good feeling state. The good feeling state attracts the qualifiers by aligning the energy with what you prefer. (relativity)

Moments. Capture the moment of the goodness. Allow the experience of the goodness. What story do you tell about the goodness?

You are goodness.