I love software updates. I love knowing that I have the most current update available on my iphone and my macbook. When I keep my devices updated, I feel as if they operate more efficiently – especially when it comes to editing, uploading, and publishing content. 

Even though my macbook is a lot older than my iphone, when I keep them both updated it seems they work better together, as best they can. 

Software updates are necessary for computer applications and systems to operate at their highest level – accessing full capacity of what is available. When systems are kept updated by integrating and applying new information, there is better flow. Better flow allows for a sense of competence and ease in completing a desired outcome, ‘doing a job’. 

Each day, we humans take in a lot of information. We learn a lot. We see things differently. We problem solve and create helpful solutions that last when we integrate and apply the new information.

When we slow down and rest, we allow our intelligence to update.

When we update, we operate more efficiently. We sync with others who update. We flow and allow for ease in knowing there are solutions available and growth is a healthy outcome of discomfort and dis-ease.

Emotional control is the executive skillset for July. It is much more difficult to write about than I anticipated.

To benefit from one’s ability to control emotions is to slow the fuck down (STuFfeD) and be the noticer of your own split energy. Not anyone else’s split energy. This is SELF-care. Care about yourself enough to be the noticer of your own split energy. Integrate and apply the new information to update your nervous system. Rest. Reset. Begin again. And again. And again. Grow.

You know what split energy is. Oh you know. Split energy is the opposite of authenticity. Split energy blocks flow. Split energy leads to too much, not enough, stuck, spinning. Split energy of those perceived to have power over another (such as parents/kids, teachers/students, boss/employee) is what often lies underneath what is perceived as problematic behavior in those we desire to control (distrust, sneakiness, manipulation, fights, arguments – and the unsustainability of new programs and procedures). Human beings, no matter the age, are not robots and do not thrive in inauthentic, controlling environments.

Split energy is why blaming, criticizing, and judging self or other never leads to lasting and sustainable outcomes. Outcomes that reflect growth and update themselves – continuous improvement. 

Split energy is a frequency of energy (emotional state) that is not calibrated to the energy source of wellbeing. We block the flow of wellbeing when we push against new information and ideas. We block its flow when we disallow growth and turn our back to updates. 

What is split energy?

Saying one thing and doing another.

Feelings and beliefs lived out in opposition.

Living a lie. Held emotionally captive. Often responding to symptoms this toxic formula creates, yet mentally blocked to the true cause.

Repeating external dialogues that are set on repeat, but haven’t been updated in decades (centuries?). They don’t sync up.

If you read this blog regularly (or not), let’s ponder split energy over this next week. Notice split energy. Sometimes (often…always) it is easy to notice the split in others. See if you can notice the noticing and let it go. Often when we notice unhealthy and limiting patterns in others, it is a prompt to notice and disrupt the pattern in our own self.

If we can get a grip on understanding split energy, we can really make gains in emotional control. The more majority with healthy emotional control will lessen the extremes in what is considered to be problematic behavior in a society.

Healthy emotional control is so satisfying and life giving. Healthy emotional control contributes to healthy environments in schools, homes, and communities. Healthy emotional control is something one can give to others by modeling its use and effectiveness in day-to-day circumstances, situations, and events. Healthy emotional control is a virus we want to share and pass on to others.

No mask.