Writing is a tool for thinking. Adam Grant. Instagram post. This week’s blog connects an Animal Spirit card deck, the Adam Grant writing quote, Stutz netflix documentary, and the Orange Theory Fitness 8-week transformation challenge. The Adam Grant quote, ‘writing is a tool for thinking’ often pops into my mind. Mostly, the quote resonates because…

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storyitell – week two

This blog post includes the collection of posts from Sally & Sifer Facebook Page last week. The posts are from week two of an eight week series aligned with the book, The Story I Tell. How to make the Age of Disruption work for you. You can click on the title to purchase the book…

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storyitell – week one

This blog post includes week one of Sally & Sifer Facebook posts. Week one of the 8-week series follows part one of Story I Tell. How to make the Age of Disruption work for you. You can click on the title to purchase in paperback. Additional ways to access the content at no cost can…

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I bought the card deck at a bookstore when there were a number of young students on my caseload whose life circumstances sucked. There is really no other way to describe it. When children are living in the chaos of undesirable (toxic, dangerous) life circumstances, it may not be reasonable to teach skills, tools, and strategies. There will be a time when it is reasonable, but sometimes one just has to be with the other and trust in possibility while at the same time accept what is happening.

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The second trip my mom and I took a tour and learned more about how students from the college were integrated into the fabric, and evolving expression of this historic, eclectic, progressive, conservative, diverse, artistically styled Southern town.

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This blog post is leading to the unexpected inspiration I received after completing several of the books I purchased from a summer ’22 sticker stop in Savannah, Georgia at the Savannah College of Art and Design, known as SCAD.

The Bee and the Acorn, a memoir by Paula Susan Wallace.

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The biggest personal accomplishment is simply: ‘I did it’.

As much as I am ready to see observable results in sales and engagement, for now I can find satisfaction with ‘I did it’.

It’s all I got.


I’d be lying if I said I’m not ready for somethingmore.

May the fresh start of a new year bring you the somethingmore that resonates with you and the desires of your heart.

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I am one who did not have a horrible quarantine/post Covid experience. One thing I benefited from was narrowed down choice making. Since many things were closed, and options were minimized, it was easier to focus on new learning. I could listen to a podcast, and then follow up with the ‘nugget shares’ and learn new things in what seemed to be somewhat manageable. During the time when things were still closed, and my typical work experience was disrupted – ie commute time/remote options, there was time for new discovery that was easier to maintain – to follow the ‘crumbs’ from one interesting thing to the next. 

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Speaking of reinvent, my blog name has shifted on its own. I refer to my content now as day. That’s it: day. I also kind of like the sensual vibe. I’m working that out. Selfcare and sensual living go together. If you read my posts, you know what I mean by sensual: experiencing day in the moments through the physical senses and allowing it to be enough, as is. Fresh.  

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