quote taken from Tim Ferriss’s weekly newsletter – 5 bullet Friday

Because I didn’t blog last weekend, I neglected to share the animal spirit theme for the month: crocodile. For me, the main takeaway, or ‘power’ in this card can be whittled to one word: wait.

If you are interested in more context regarding the ‘animal spirit card’ you can read the post deck.

I suppose the general meaning of the word ‘wait’ can have divergent interpretations. As it relates to this selfcare blog (caring about yourself enough to notice the story you tell and disrupting patterns of thoughts and beliefs that keep one split from desired outcomes), the word ‘wait’ can hold the same meaning as ‘allow’. The word ‘allow’ can hold the same visceral experience as ‘letting go’ or ‘releasing’. It can feel so good. This feeling state might be one of freedom. When it comes to the inside world of thoughts, feelings, urges and impulses, is a sense of freedom within the relative victory? In my experience, this feeling state is wellbeing.

The theme ‘wait’ for this month is helpful for me as a reminder that good things are on the way. This thinking opens up the feeling states of possibilty and positive expectancy, both connected to wellbeing.

A 7th grade student introduced me to Free Form on my iphone 👍 🙏 Aside from that, the visual is ‘the frame’ taken from storyitell pt III pp 84-95.

Related to selfcare and wellbeing: When I use my inner resource of self-awareness to notice my thoughts and the story they tell, I create an opportunity to make a choice. When I care about myself, I desire to make choices that feel good and can sustain themselves. I recognize that what feels good are thoughts that expand my energy and align with a sense of win-win (no harm to self or others). I can choose thoughts that create better feeling states in my body and mind.

‘What is essential is invisible to the eye.’

intro quote

Trauma seems to be the theme of my current learning algorithm. The Iceberg visual seems to be quite prevalent as well. Recently, I flipped the frame into the iceberg. What is seen and heard is one’s behavior, what is observed and measured are one’s results.

In this visual (I could have taken out the grid), the red is the ‘iceberg’, the blue is the water line. What is underneath the water line is what is inside, what is above the water line is what can be seen and heard, or observed and measured.

When what is valued is that which can be observed and measured, what can result is a split between one’s authentic self (awareness of thoughts and feelings that are aligned with one’s values), and one’s protected self (the detached version, unexamined thoughts and feelings, reactive living and being, thoughts and feelings a result of comparison, criticism, and judgement).

What if there was no split?