have you ever noticed your familiar driving routines get disrupted due to road construction?

construct = build

new. better. greater expansion. more flow. more ease.

you may not even notice when the project is complete…it may seem as if it has been that way the whole time.

you may have complained a time or two during the construction. i wonder…if you tried a new way, created a different story (‘this is going to be great…i’m so glad the intersection is being expanded…’)…or if you stayed stuck, day after day, in the traffic…and day after day…complained and blamed something or someone for the disruption?…and maybe used the disruption as a reasonable excuse for not getting somewhere…totally justified…something is happening TO me.



the theme of this blog…self-care…is largely based on the story we tell. once we grow in the practice of self-awareness and recognize the story we tell…and the feeling connected to it…we realize we can disrupt stories that feed limitation, lack, scarcity, a fixed mindset.

i haven’t read, listened to, attended the workshop of every self-help/life coach approach…although I feel I have paid attention to a fair share…enough to pick up on the same trend..change the way you think…and circumstances, events, relationships, situations will change to match the new thinking.

i transmit a thought. the thought carries a particular frequency (energetic sensation or feel). i receive at the same frequency. relativity.

in 7 habits of highly successful people stephen covey says practices need to be aligned with  paradigms and paradigms aligned with principles…the governing laws of the universe (relativity for example).

here are three general paradigms that covey mentions:

primary greatness – you are born with resources, talents, and abilities to be you…you don’t acquire these once you are born into the physical world.

maturity continuum – dependent…independent..interdependent.  most of us are stuck in dependent…giving away our power to others…other people or circumstances are responsible for our happiness and level of satisfaction…not true…ever.

abundance v scarcity – plenty. we are existing in an expansive, limitless space of dynamic energy flow.

figure out what resonates…and play with that. you are not meant to suck. promise.