it doesn’t exist.

have you ever been surprised when you had to clean again? or that it was time to shower…go to the grocery store…?

there is an ebb and flow to life that we can probably see in all aspects of physical life (in humans…in nature…in human nature?)

to learn is to grow. always learning…therefore, always growing…evolving…changing.

change = paradox


if change is the natural way, how can there seemingly be such a collective resistance to it?

consider life like a video game that has levels (does every video game have levels?)…each level presents it’s own challenges…once you master the level, you level up…the previous challenges are no longer difficult…the level becomes irrelevant…however, you use the acquisition of new skills to master the challenges on the next level… and on it goes.

there will always be another level and mastery of new skill sets to apply to new challenges.

like anything, once we get the pattern and the way things work…it can become playful and interesting…and we can come to know the joy that comes in the anticipation of a new challenge…(okay…I’m not quite there yet…)

we stop our resistance and allow the game or the journey to be something new to discover and enjoy…an adventure. we get curious. it gets fun. we make connections. ask for help. observe. learn. share. it stops being so personal.

we develop a storyline. create characters. the levels may get more layered. more nuanced, perhaps. we may get addicted to growth and change…as if.

here is a takeaway that may be something to apply as we ponder this post…

5 questions for self reflection: taken from a school climate program called link crew.

  1. did you notice?
  2. why does it happen?
  3. does it happen in school? in life?
  4. why?
  5. how can we use it?

as it relates to my blog concept…and building skills in self-awareness: notice. observe. witness.

did you notice…(patterns, results)

why is this happening? (wonder, curious)

does it happen in other places and spaces? or in just this one environment?


what can I do with this now that I recognize what keeps happening?


i’ll close with a consideration that really got my attention.

exceeds expectation.

there cannot be a clear defined picture for what would ‘exceed expectation’…it would upend the whole concept of exceeding something…you expected one thing and it went beyond – it blew.your.mind.

use the questions to explore – not to have an actual answer….to wonder, to be curious…to examine.


the purpose of life is joy.

the basis of life is freedom.

the result of life is growth.

-abraham hicks


may life exceed your expectations…as you experience your ordinary day in an extraordinary way.