choose curious.

a lot of what i intend to create and share is based on interpreting broad concepts that are peaceful, loving, and expansive in their nature and in nature (interesting how the two correlate…), and once the sense making becomes easy for me then i wonder how to make it easy to share with someone else.  

one way to go about this is to…okay well now i’m jumping ahead. i was going to say…”one way to go about this is to be curious.” ….but i am wanting to explain how choosing a state of curiosity helps one start in a general place and stay inclusive (not get into a space of pushing against something or someone).

we know we are in some version of pushing against something when we feel stuck, spinning, too much, not enough…these are sensations in the body. the skill of notice and name can help us feel the feeling….and not think the feeling. this is a skill taught in the Check IN curriculum.

however, another way to bring awareness to ‘pushing against’ is when we notice our thoughts are rooted in judgement, comparison, or criticism. we can practice notice and name with our thoughts as well…that’s just an ‘aside’…

speaking of aside…the opposite of pushing is pulling…the push-pull of the universe…tangential forces…a principle of energy or law of the universe. this is a broad concept that once understood you can observe it all around you…and it helps one recognize what story they are telling…and to remember that one has power in choice – i can choose to focus on that which i am pushing against and receive more evidence of it…or i can use my awareness of ‘pushing against’ to remind myself of another principle (polarity or oppositional forces) and choose to let go and turn into the direction of what i am pulled toward.

back to the ‘judgement, comparison, criticism’. this trilogy of words to notice unhelpful thought patterns is found in mindfulness practice and buddhist philosophy (at least that’s where i learned it). this thought awareness was really helpful when i first began practicing skills to help with repeating patterns of negative feelings that lived inside of me and seemed to have their way with me. i also noticed that a lot of the limiting thought patterns were directed toward me and my relationship to me…myself. this is where i learned self-love…it’s really the only way to get back in control…i mean…come on…if you aren’t offering yourself unconditional love and forgiveness and constant encouragement – how is it that you are expecting someone or something else to do that for you?

so to wind this back up and close for now…as mentioned a few times in previous blog posts…our practices must be aligned with our paradigms…and our paradigms aligned with principles. it seems paradigms and principles are interchangeable when in alignment…and grossly obvious when not in alignment.

so when possible…choose curious. sometimes you just need sad or mad…sad and mad want to be felt…not thought about. notice it. name it. feel it without telling a story about it. if possible…choose curious when you think about sad and mad. now you’re problem solving…and tapped in to a broader collection of inner resources.  check it out…you’ll feel what i mean.