i love jerry seinfeld’s show comedians in cars drinking coffee. i’m not sure what i enjoy the most…the conversations or the concept of the show.

i love the idea of creating your perfect life…for example, what would your perfect day at work be like? or the perfect weekend…the perfect day. i did this once last school year…i was walking in the early morning and i had a lot of resistance about going to work…it was a friday. so i asked myself…what exactly would i rather be doing? and i began to create a friday…it was so much fun.

as it relates to seinfeld’s show…it is so obvious that jerry created the perfect show – for him. he loves cars…he loves coffee…he loves hanging out with other comedians. the cars have broken down a few times…and he’s like ‘nope…we tape’.

he was in portland oregon having coffee with one of the creators of portlandia…and he kept talking about how much he loved portland. he said something like, ‘i love this city…it’s like the whole city is about people doing exactly what they want to do…’  i am recalling that he prefaced that comment by asking the comedian something like, ‘do you think we would have a more peaceful society if people just did what made them happy?’

i am thinking that there are two things i mentioned so far in this blog post that may create resistance: 1. create your perfect life, and 2. doing what you want to do.

now…for reflective purposes: what is more messed up?

generally speaking…is it really effective to argue why one should not spend time creating and believing in that which brings them joy? to spend time considering what is fun…what they enjoy spending their time doing?

to take jerry’s original show Seinfeld as an example…he created an incredibly successful show based on…nothing. portland…okay i don’t know much about it…but…is jerry right?

ordinary day…extraordinary way…what does that look like? better…what does it feel like? can you be curious about the resistance? can you change the story you tell?

i am in charge of me….the leader is in me…i lead the story i tell…now this is me.