i think i first heard this popular term ‘hack’ (a term that may be as much inspiration to one as it is a trigger to another)…the first time i recall the term was a ted talk by an elementary age student who was enrolled in homeschool…it was called Hackschooling makes me happy…and it was about his experience of learning. it was five years ago and it has over ten million views.

i say this only to point out that this term is not new. it has the same meaning as the popular term, ‘disrupt’.

we can line up the language of ‘hack’ and ‘disrupt’ with another popular school term: growth mindset. a growth mindset (rooted in a belief of abundance) is suggesting one to disrupt thinking that is fixed (rooted in scarcity, lack, or fear).

are you on board?

if you can get on board with a growth mindset and consider noticing fixed thoughts (they tell a limiting story which is a clue to uncover a belief system aligned with fear and scarcity) AND practice creating new thoughts that align with growth (abundance) then let’s keep going.

i’ll give an example that i just heard in the car listening to dare to lead by brene brown. brene shared a quote that defined despair as the belief that tomorrow will be just as bad as today.

if you can get into a practice of being curious about your thoughts…you may notice what a limited thought process is and intentionally choose better feeling thoughts…thoughts that open you up a bit…like ‘okay…i am open to recognizing improvement for 5 minutes a day…and see what happens.’ so that might look like you set a timer for five minutes and see if you can find something that has improved…and then settle with that and find something else that you can agree to being a bit better…do this for five minutes and then let it go and do your day as you wish.

to bring this back to the title ‘hack’, can you be open to telling your own story? no one needs to know the script you create…it can be your own private inner telling of your best day at work (or in relationship, or in pleasure activities, etc).

i tell my best story that includes spending a day with a creative team..a group of people who love to connect ideas that promote problem solving and solutions, a ‘what if…good’ team…they enjoy one another’s company and nothing is shut down…lots of laughter and uplifting energy.

what i think about i bring about. the leader is in me. i lead my thinking. i disrupt thoughts that are rooted in fear and scarcity (not enough). i tell my own story. i smile to myself in satisfaction as i begin to notice things that match my story. now this is me. this is fun.