data. results.

what is showing up? what are you ‘get-ting’?

this is data.

once you figure this out (allowing an intentional practice of self awareness) you will be able to tell your favorite story…always. all roads lead back to you.

you have a way of being exactly who you are.

e-motion (energy in motion) is a communicator in a (what can be) subtle or quite alarming (in your face) communication channel between your inside world, where you are the lead creator/programmer, and the life that is showing up = your results.

when you get in the habit or practice of paying attention to the results that are showing up…you can ‘hack’ or ‘disrupt’ any story that is contributing to split energy or what seems to be a mindset that continues to pay attention to the story of lack. lack = never enough.

one of the first trainings i went to after i was hired as a school social worker for douglas county school district was a two day training called ‘top twenty teens’.

the thing that resonated most was the non-invasive way the training promoted self reflection while teaching relevant skills easily transferable to students.

‘the frame’ was the big takeaway. i have used ‘the frame’ for 12 years. i’m not totally sure how effective my presentation has been to students…this is a continuous process…but ‘the frame’ just continues to make more and more simple sense.

i now integrate ‘the frame’ with the leader in me (a school approach of the still relevant seven habits of highly effective people)…and i do realize that ‘the frame’ is another way of facilitating cognitive behavior therapy as well as law of attraction and/or the life coach approach to facilitate a variety of ways to live life in sync with the laws of physical energy (or non physical…universal laws).

i try to keep complex ideas simple…all things seem to interconnect (duh) so it can sometimes be quite a challenge to keep it simple.

let me show you one way (of endless ways) to consider ‘the frame’ as a tool to either ‘flip’ a limited or ‘scarce’ mindset, and/or to use ‘the frame’ to generate (with intention) more of the results you want.

you may notice that ‘the frame’ supports the process of being ‘in charge’ of your story and giving you an easy tool to ‘disrupt’ stories (thoughts/beliefs) that are not contributing to your own well-being or the story that feels right to you.

Here is The Frame:

the sky and field is what is showing up – your life. granted, you play a few roles – so your ‘frame’ may have a different picture depending on what you are focused on (relationship, career, physical activity, etc).

as it relates to ‘results’ or what you are ‘getting’: consider the things that are showing up (headaches at the end of a work day, the same argument or judgmental thoughts about others) something is getting your attention and you are finally taking response-ability (covey-ism).

now. what are you saying about it? this is where you are going to disrupt your story and be intentional about the story that feels good – the one you want to tell.

GET – results that are showing up.SEE – what you are saying
about the results.
FLIP IT – create a new
paradigm that is now aligned with your nature and
Sunday afternoon is full of
resistance. The week ahead
seems dull and overwhelming
“I don’t like my job.”“My job
is unsatisfying.”
“I love how I spend my day.”
“I am good at my job.”
“I am the common
denominator no matter what I am doing. I can figure out how to direct my thoughts to be
uplifted in a variety of
“Things work out for me. If I
am going to be better off in a
different work setting, things will come together and work
out. I will know when it is
right. For now, I can move
toward the challenge of
enjoying my work day.”
Even when I am exercising or doing things that are
supposed to help me manage
stress I am still full of negative thinking toward others in my
Others are the problem. If others would be different, things would be better.I am in charge of me. I own
my own personal power. I am the story teller.
I can do really good for days,
and maybe even weeks, and then all of a sudden my world gets super negative and my emotions are heavy and dark – I don’t understand what happens.
I am doing something wrong.Emotions are energy. Old
thinking patterns can be
stuck. Old patterns release
and the story that comes up is one I can recognize and let go of. Life is happening for me, it is not against me.

as mentioned, there seem to be endless interpretations of using ‘the frame’ to let go of limited thinking and disrupt stories that are limiting.

three strategies to get more of what you want:

  1. practice : notice your inside world and name what you notice.
  2. be curious about what you are saying about what is showing up.
  3. be open to flip the story and see if you can recognize a sense of relief.

relief is a ‘state’ or a feeling. next blog.