she. lives in a state of joyful anticipation for the next great thing…


Theme – anticipation. To anticipate. 

Consider the feeling state of anticipation. Does it create a sense of discomfort, or a sense of excitement?

In the physical experience of life, doing ‘day’ allows one to continually move toward a series of situations.

Life. A series of situations, circumstances, and events. Is that ever really going to change? I don’t think so. (and if you are not moving toward situations, you are watching someone else manage situations on a screen – ie. ‘television’)

If you are like me, you may consider life’s non preferred situations, circumstances, and events to be quite the bother, inconvenient at best.

This thinking will continuously result in a feeling of being stuck, or spinning, at some level of discomfort.

When we practice self-awareness, we pick up on trends and patterns of behavior – and the thinking that prefaces the behavior.

The magic of allowing for, desiring, and creating preferable outcomes, that can sustain themselves, comes in awareness of the feeling state. The feeling state hangs in the ‘mist’, between our thinking and behavior.

The feeling state of anticipation.

A situation presents itself. What happens next? If you capture a situation like a screenshot or a picture, that image captures a story. The story has a theme. We could deconstruct the hell out of this, but really – the theme is either rooted in the anticipation of the next worst thing, or the anticipation of the next best thing.

If you can pause here. Just take a second. Allow your own interpretation of what I just suggested. 

It’s huge.

Physical life. A series of situations. A continuous narrative. The narrative has a theme, a lens, a filter. Do you tend to anticipate the next worst thing? Or do you tend to anticipate the next best thing?

Non preferred situations will never stop occurring, as long as we are in this physical life – contrasting/uncomfortable/unwanted experiences are fundamental to growth, advancement, evolution. The story we tell about the non preferred situation allows for the potential of a massive shift in paradigm/mindset that can positively impact our day-to-day ‘ordinary’ life experiences…making what can seem ‘ordinary’, feel quite extraordinary.

At school, I have been curious about a simple way to teach the nervous system. To adults, I have suggested that the story we tell results in one of two feeling states: open or closed. An open state allows one to access problem solving and higher functioning skill sets (executive functions), and the closed state accesses our highly intelligent stress response (fight, flight, freeze, faint). 

With students, I am beginning to call the two general states: creative mode and survival mode.

Simply put: in survival mode there is an enemy, in creative mode there is no enemy.

The story I tell tees up the situation as relevant to the lens I am filtering the situation through: relativity.

Tomorrow is March 1. What do you anticipate?