It’s 10-10-20. The most special of special days. In honor of the day, I’d like to reshare a post from 2019.

Synonym. Two words that mean the same thing.

Smoosh is a metronome. 

Smoosh is my neighborhood bestie. My neighbor’s dog. Smoosh is my reference point for equilibrium…balance…not too much, not too little…enough.

My tagline for my project is ordinary day….extraordinary way

What this means to me is that our pleasure and satisfaction exists and is available in the ordinary – or what is perceived as ordinary. 

Back to Smoosh the metronome.

A yoga instructor recently was sharing his ‘dharma’ throughout the practice and his story was about how his partner left for ten days and that he would be the metronome for their two young girls.

As soon as he said it, I resonated with the word – metronome. What a perfect word for the state of well-being. 

When I think of Smoosh or when I am near Smoosh – when I bring my awareness to her Smooshiness. I resonate with a feeling. Smoosh has nothing for me. Smoosh is 100% Smoosh. Smoosh just is. There’s just something about Smoosh that expands everything inside of me – especially my gut (at school with kids I call it the belly space).

This feeling exists. Sans Smoosh. Smoosh just happens to be this dog that allows me to clear my resistance (ie. stress). 

Expansion. Clarity. Connection. Openness. 

Love without any sort of condition connected to it…it just is.

This feeling or state is the metronome. This is well-being. 

Practicing self-awareness helps us recognize this space. 

Being open to a state of love – a state that exists without any condition needing to be met (not something to earn or be worthy of). To allow love to exist. To resonate. In day. In moment.

Love exists. The metronome of the universe.

Taking a minute to resonate with it is what makes that which can seem so ordinary…feel so extraordinary.