I have 111 posts. 

I like numbers. I notice the time on my phone. The time on my dashboard. When it is aligned I notice. It’s fun to feel the something more. As a thinking human I get to tell the story about aligned numbers. The story I tell only needs to resonate with me. 

This morning I was going to repost the first blog post of 2021. Last month, I completed the nine Executive Functions I referenced in that first post. I am uploading the nine months of posts to the Reedsy app to create an ebook.

⏯💭 If you desire to write or have the inner angst to write a book (the angst that won’t leave you alone), you may be familiar with resistance or ‘writer’s block’. My experience is once I began posting consistently, over time it created the content to upload to a ‘book’. A little secret of mine is a fun walking-dream (ie. ideas I create when I walk that expand over time) of writing a romantic comedy under an avatar blogname. I write the book one post at a time and then do the same as I’m doing for this blog, upload the contents to a digital book. The digital books can be self-published in a variety of ways. All this access to sharing content is only going to get better. I share this for those who desire to write. It’s a way to begin. It’s fun and rewarding, as in my previous blog: intrinsic

▶️ Back to the 111 posts. 

Since the aligned 1’s ☝️☝️☝️ got my attention, I decided to repost my first blog on this wordpress host. My very first blog was on google blogger (?) I’d have to dig a little more for that one. 

The school program I reference in this post is aligned with awareness and execution of one’s inner resources, or Executive Functions. Leader: Executive. Everything connects. The evidence to the relevance would be that the original author’s work is still available – The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. It’s never the content that gets results, it’s the integration of the content that leads to sustainable outcomes.

Here is the 8-12-18 post  Thought Leader:

The Leader in Me.
The Leader is in me.
I lead my thinking.
I am a thought leader.

I remember when I first heard the term ‘thought leader’.  Actually, I don’t really remember exactly when and where I heard it…I do remember thinking what a cool term it was and how cool it would be to be considered a thought leader.  

“A thought leader must be a very important person”she thought to herself…

I’m rough with exact dates…so generally speaking…several (less than five) years ago I had the opportunity to work one day a week at a Leader in Me school. I didn’t give it much consideration because it was only one day a week and I was developing my own curriculum – translation: it was a bother to have to consider other ideas.

The path of least resistance at the time (what made most sense) was to incorporate my ideas into The Leader in Me lens. It was simple. When it comes to human potential and well-being – all paths generally lead to the same discovery (it’s in you).

To those who enjoy watching the dance of life and the synchronicity of events unfold….it would be of no ‘coincidence’ that I happen to now be full time at a school that is beginning its third year as a Leader in Me school.

Disruption.  A term that can be misunderstood when it comes to the digital culture we live in.

It’s uncomfortable. Change.

I love disruption. I found a deeply intrinsic source of satisfaction when I learned how to disrupt my thinking. When I learned how to lead my thoughts and create my own story.

I am a thought leader.

I lead my thinking.

The leader is in me.

The Leader in Me.

PS. I just noticed it was 10-10…another repost. #hbdsmoosh