life and its pink sprinkles happen FOR you…#itexists

I love love which is probably why I enjoy Valentine’s Day. I love pink. I love desserts with sprinkles – and a pink vibe. I love that love exists. I love that donuts and cupcakes with pink sprinkles exist. I don’t eat the desserts often. I just love knowing that they exist. Exceptional. Mind-blowing. Desserts. Same with romantic love. I love love stories. I love romance. I don’t necessarily engage in it. But I love that it exists. It’s exceptional. Mind-blowing, really. The sensual experience of romantic love. I love femininity. Softness. I do engage in this. Slowing down and intentionally being present with what is available in the here and now. How all this integrates together I am not sure. It all exists. All this goodness. It exists.

So how the hell do I integrate one’s Working Memory, or knowledge, into a self-care strategy that is meaningful and applicable to the day-to-day experience, with a Valentine’s vibe?

Oh you just wait and see. 

Hm. How do I do this…(?)

Love exists. We can call this wellbeing.

Let’s say that for this love, or wellbeing, to know itself it had to exist in physical form and the greatest function was to last, or survive. Otherwise, what would be the point. 

Once the physical form got rolling, then came the why. Why exist in physical form? Insert the physical senses and design. Beauty. Pleasure. Sensuality. 

The structure of life would be like the structure of a building. The pleasure, or sensual experience, of life would be the design. The color. The contrasting elements. The Art. 

So now we have these two building blocks. Such as the right and left sides of the brain, masculine and feminine energy, east and west philosophy, earth and space. 

What’s next? Will. The will to utilize the forces. To desire. To act. To apply knowledge. To continue to grow and evolve. 

I could be explaining Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, or the chakra system, fundamentally. 

Our Working, or short term, Memory helps us to function in the day-to-day. It loves routine and structure. Routine and structure is necessary. Although, routine and structure is not pink sprinkles, romance, or sensuality. 

When one’s Working Memory is functioning on autopilot it is helpful because it supports order. There is flow with order. As in traffic. When traffic flows everyone gets to where they want to go. But then what? 

Our Working Memory is a function that can serve as so much more than remembering dental appointments. WM is a function within the complexity of a design that is continuously expanding. 

My short term memory helps me do day, but an integrated WM opens one up to more. It opens us up to that which is possible v. that which is just the same. 

Self-Care. Caring about yourself enough to notice the thoughts you think and the story they tell. Who are you? You are the noticer. You are the noticer of your inner resources. You are the noticer of the skillsets inherent within you that not only contribute to your survival, but contribute to the sensual experience of life and its pink sprinkles.