I buy a book for its cover. Even using Audible, the title and its design are what capture my attention.

I am a marketer’s salivating pet. Always been.

Love context. If the cover capture’s the something more – a story, I want it. 

I am a sucker for an atmosphere. The metaphorical atmosphere of a moment and the elements of its design. Lighting – natural, synthetic. Smells. Tastes. Insatiable pairings. Textures. Colors. Loud sounds. Soft sounds. Music. Rhythm. Laughter. Whispers. Characters. Characteristics of life, roles, expressions. Thick. Thin. Contrasting elements. So much. Yet all of it, at once, a moment. A capture. 

I am not an artist as much as I am an artist. A unique expression. Contributing. 

I sit in the warmth of a simple space. Candles. Always candles. Playlist resonating with the context of a quiet morning. Flute. Deep. Long. Breath. Slow. The contrast of a macbook. An iphone. YouTube music. 

A window. Big. Open. Uncovered. A snowstorm trying. 

I sit with so much to say yet nothing to say.

Theme: Planning.

An inner resource. An ability. A function. Useful for execution of desired outcomes. Desired outcomes that continue to level up. 

A desired outcome is an imagined end in mind. A creation. Your creation. 

When we push against – complain, compare, judge. We are responding to, and activating one end of a spectrum. For the one end to exist, means that the opposing end must also exist. The opposing end to what we don’t want is what we do want.

Stephen Covey may be considered the original life coach, and if he is not THE original, he must be ‘one of’. I would cite evidence of how long your work (The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People) has lived in the business section of the airport bookstore – you know that highly trafficked corner when business travelers were a thing. 

It’s my understanding that this list of successful ‘life’ coaches have a familiar pattern. If I am correct, they study a desired outcome (success – happiness, finance, business, sport, leisure, education, leadership) and whittle away at the core elements, or patterns, of those who have risen to an agreed upon level of awesomeness (living or nonliving). It’s the resulting pattern that is coached or written about. The pattern is aligned with laws, or principles, that govern energy (essentially – universal laws). The test of time and the unchanging variables are what constitute the success of the formula or pattern.

Begin with the End in Mind.

What is the done goal. What is the desired outcome?

Putting First Things First? What is the todo list to get to that desired outcome?


Does your why resonate with growth outcomes? If so, the plan is probably aligned with the side of the spectrum that is pulling you toward your true goals, dreams, desires. 

If the why resonates with a win-lose, it may be evidence that why is rooted in the fight. The push against. The need to control another in order to get what is desired. A belief that it is the thinking, feeling, and behaving of the other that is keeping the desired outcome from you.

Resonate with the purpose of your greater good. Resonate with your truth. Your formula for your success. Success is continually getting better. Incremental growth. 

It appreciates.