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It’s just before 6am as I begin to type. Actually, that’s not true as far as when this blog originated. I began it yesterday, but couldn’t get it to land. 

Over the years, stumbling through the world of content creation, one familiar advice share is ‘who is your audience?’, or some version of know your audience before you begin.

I still ask myself often who my audience is. A targeted audience is the suggestion. I tend to live in a general space. ‘General’ defines me quite well. I take big ideas and generalize them.


What is essential lies underneath. It can take a minute to uncover. Knowing it’s there is enough to begin.

What’s underneath?


Goodness is the uncondition. You are goodness. Self-care is caring about yourself enough to align with goodness first. And then orient to the conditions from the space of goodness.

April is so fresh. Fresh feels so new. New feels good to some, uncomfortable to others.

What feels good to you?

Do the things that feel good. Think the thoughts that feel good. Notice the good feeling. Allow the good feeling. It exists.

Goodness is not a result of conditions.

New month. New theme. Finishing. To monitor your own growth and movement toward your desired outcomes.

What is it that you want? What story are you telling about what you deserve?

What is essential is what lies underneath. It’s not that one deserves goodness. It’s that one is goodness.

Allow the goodness. Saturate yourself in goodness. It radiates. It’s powerful.

If the goodness was not essential, it wouldn’t matter when you turn away. You wouldn’t notice the discomfort. The discomfort gets your attention. When you care about yourself, you turn back toward the goodness.

It’s not earned. It’s abundant. Not partitioned to those who are deserving.

Attune to the uncondition. The goodness. And then move toward the conditions.

Goodness attracts goodness.

You are goodness.