slow down to see clearly

In January, I painted a picture for the mind of the 2021 monthly themes for this weekly blog.

Let’s pause here. Does that language make sense to you? Painting a picture for the mind.

Something to chew on, or wonder about, for those who spend their day communicating directives to others. 

Slowing down to see clearly fits here as well. 

Moving fast, without consideration of your own visual plan of desired outcomes for day, can land you in a continuous cycle of reactivity. When this cycle goes unexamined, over time one can lose their sense of self. 

Slowing down to consider potential cause and effect with ‘other’ cast members likely to show up and play a role in day, can support one’s sense of control related to thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. 

Who are you? 

You are the noticer of your thinking, feeling, and behaving. A noticer uses their inner resource of awareness. One could (maaaaaaaaybe) call this attention or focus. When one is aware of their ability to notice thoughts, feelings, and urges/impulses to act or behave, one is empowered to attend to them by focusing their thinking on a story they want to tell. A story that supports their sense of self. To attend to the desires of your heart supports your ability to execute a plan that aligns with a good feeling state. The good feeling state is the energy of pure potential, or wellbeing.

An empowered person is the noticer of patterns, and the ability to disrupt patterns that limit or cause harm. 

Executive. (leader, boss, person in charge)

Function. (inner resource: the ability to use skillsets to execute a plan to move toward circumstances, situations, or events that present themselves as potential threats or challenges)

Executive Functions are inner resources that allow one to actively problem solve and move toward desired outcomes. 

I am in charge of me. I lead my thinking, feeling, and behaving. The leader is IN me. 

This is a mantra I would use with students when I worked at a Leader in Me school.

In January, I began the blog year using the Executive Function skillsets I have become quite intimate with in my school job. The BRIEF-2 screener is used to target areas that may benefit from specific intervention. The screener is split into three categories: behavior regulation, emotional regulation, cognitive regulation.

I split the skillsets into monthly themes, beginning with the five skillsets considered for cognitive regulation: January – Initiate, February – Working Memory, March – Plan, April – Monitor (to monitor the plan, to complete or finish), May – Organization (organization of materials to support the plan).

The skillsets are what make us able to execute human life on a physical planet. 

Humans who move too fast can miss the magic. The magic of choice. The magic of desire. The magic of attending to and focusing their own strengths, talents, and abilities to live a life that feels right.


To monitor choice. To monitor your own data. What patterns do you notice? What do you do well? What happens when you utilize your own strengths and skillsets to move toward the discomfort of a challenge? What story do you tell about the challenge? Do you finish? Do you execute ideas to completion?

Empowered humans practice telling stories that resonate with what is possible.

Empowered humans initiate change by moving toward a challenging situation, circumstance, or event with a plan for a desired outcome. When the desired outcome resonates with wellbeing, you can’t get it wrong.

Disempowered humans react to life. Reacting can cause harm to self and others.

Slow down to see clearly.