Organization of materials. A stand alone skill? Such a common word: organization. 

We have a month to examine the skill of organization. What can happen if one practices a beginner’s mind about what it means to organize. As if one is examining it for the first time. 

You are reading a self-care blog. This blogger defines self-care as caring about yourself enough to practice noticing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that contribute to a story of lack or limitation. And to disrupt the story of lack, with a story of possibility.

What story do you tell about organization?

I have an etched memory of the first time I listened to Dan Siegel present to a large banquet sized room of people. If I am recalling correctly, I listened to him speak three times in 2014: UCSD Bridging Hearts and Minds conference in san diego – mindfulness in schools, SENG gifted and talented conference in denver, and a Radical Compassion symposium at Naropa University in boulder. Dr Siegel had a different way of presenting his research in each setting. 

He used big words at the GT keynote.

It was in San Diego where I was sitting on the floor about ten feet away from where he was speaking. I had an experience that I have yet to duplicate. Obviously there was a time where I was a little obsessed with Dr Dan. 

Dr Dan coined a phrase (as far as I know) that I integrated into my own understanding of human life experience: (human life experience is) a constant exchange of energy and information.

At the same time I was gorging myself with Siegel’s work was when I first learned of Sensory Processing, or Sensory Integration. Often these concepts end with a D for disorder. I feel as if they are descriptive terms. 

Upon waking from sleep, the senses are what orient one to life and its aliveness. It is the senses that interpret what is perceived as life experience. Energy and information is interpreted through the senses, and then organized. Humans are meaning makers. What does the information mean to you?

If the energy and information is difficult to organize and create meaning, it causes discomfort. Discomfort signals the stress response. When one is out of tune (out of sync, out of rhythm) with the messaging the energy and information is creating in their body, one becomes highly reactive to the discomfort.

If disease is a result of inflammation in the body, and inflammation is the cell’s response to intrusion, then new energy/information could be interpreted as invasive. When energy and information is continually ‘disorganized’, and unexamined so as to create meaning, the inside world may become more of a battlefield to defend against, rather than an empowered vessel to grow and flow from.  

When one ceases to self examine, or to grow in their own curiosity and understanding of the autonomy of thoughts, opinions, preferences, interests, desires…does one stop or limit their capacity to know themself? And then what happens?

To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom. 

➤ Slow down. 

The memory etched in my mind is of when I was sitting close to Dr Dan. I saw what I think was his energy body. I was close enough to see him as if he were pixels. He was there. He was speaking. My orientation to him at the moment was a pixel body like in a sci fi show. As if I could stick my arm through him. It was cool.

The reason I share this interesting experience is because of the what if. It’s not linear folks. There’s so much more going on.

One is constantly interpreting energy and information through one’s sense perceptions. The energy/information needs to be organized to create meaning for next steps. Continuous growth. Constant evolution. Incremental or vast. Shifts in perception.

Is life happening to you or for you? You tell the story.