All the sounds.

All the voices, the mediums – screens, video, audio.

All the sights. All the attractions: colors, designs, shapes, sizes, movement.

All the input. The touch of surface – soft couch, loose clothes, comfortable keyboard, soothing air.

So.Much.Input. Everything available. All at once.

The intelligence of a human system to organize input (data) and respond intelligently, effortlessly, meaningfully.

To organize sensory input through one’s physical senses is to make meaning and choose next steps in an instant of perceived time – an instantaneous flow. A rhythm. 

Without inner resources or abilities (ie. skillsets) to regulate one’s thinking, feeling, and urge/impulse to act or behave, it seems there would be no meaningful physical experience.

I could be wrong (?)

Perhaps this is difficult to interpret as a quick read, or content scan, but it is the physical apparatus that allows the interpretation and ultimately the observed experience of the day-to-day.


What I have written so far is most likely a very basic consideration of a person who may present with social or sensory differences (ASD – autism spectrum), or attention deficit (ADD). 



Humans have strengths and interests. Humans have intelligence – an intuition, inner guidance. 

The more attuned one is to one’s inner guidance, the better sense of control (ability to regulate), and awareness of one’s connection to the source of something more.

Life. A series of circumstances, situations, and events that get one’s attention: focus. We choose how we respond. The more attuned one is to one’s preferences, desires, intuition, – the more ordinary day opens up to what feels like an extraordinary way. Clarity. Purpose. Meaning. 

Growing in awareness (practice of mindfulness) develops self-awareness of the inside world of thoughts, feelings, and urges/impulse to act or behave. The skill of self-awareness will snuggle you back into a natural sense of your own autonomy. Your own agency to choose.

Organizing the inside world can be likened to organizing what is external. Clear out what you don’t need. Swipe, ‘x’, delete thoughts that don’t resonate with a balanced state. Your balanced state of equilibrium, wholeness. Choose thoughts that do.

Shift. Awaken.

Allow goodness.