I am the noticer of my thoughts and the story they tell… (right?)

Do you have a fond memory of a situation, circumstance, or event?

Allow me to answer this for you: yes. Yes you do. You may not be in the ‘mood’ to conjure one up, but be assured you have multiple moments captured. You have goodness memories that live within the vast intelligence of the mind space. 

If you have time to play, can you pause and allow a special memory to surface. The goodness gush may show up if you allow the space.

Memories can be tricky. Memories connect to feelings that contribute to a general story that has a theme. Stories tend to come with themes, or overarching ‘plots’. 

Memories, feelings, story themes can ‘run the show’ when one loses focus of one’s power to be the noticer. When one is the noticer, one is practicing the skill of awareness. When one is aware of one’s thoughts and the story they tell, one is demonstrating the power to choose the story being told. Broad story themes tend to fall in one of two categories: fear or possibility. 

The broad theme of fear is often justified and easily proven with evidence which interprets meaning through recorded details of an event. Memories connect to repeated and familiar storylines that can maintain fear-based themes.

To say that fear drives the human experience makes sense. Human life would not exist if it could not survive itself. The feeling of fear brings awareness to potential for harm that could disrupt survival. 

Fear exists. Fear has purpose. 

Is fear the meaning maker? 

Abundance is thematic as well. So much. Thoughts are abundant. Ideas are abundant. Choice is abundant. The goodness gush is abundant. 

Notice the function of fear. Notice the presence of fear. What story do you tell?

Fear protects. Does fear protect you from the other, or from the story you tell about the other? The other can be animate or inanimate, real or imagined. Ex: Traffic. Weather. And yes, memories. 

The age of disruption.

Practice being the noticer. 

Care about yourself enough to be the noticer of your inside world. The noticer can begin to disrupt the story of fear that is not relevant to real time survival. The noticer can begin to tell a new story that resonates with what is possible. This feels good. 

Practice with the good memories. Notice the story you tell about the good memory. Notice the theme. Notice the noticing.

All you ever have to do is think the next thought. Start with the good when you already feel ‘good’. This is self-care. You have guidance and intuition that will nudge you toward next steps. 

Just begin.