To regulate is to control. 

Regulations could be considered rules. Rules may not be legally binding. 

One way to get on board when it comes to rules and regulations is to consider traffic. Lots of moving parts. Lots of diverse desirable outcomes. The regulations allow people to get to where they want to go. 

When it comes to win-win thinking, traffic regulations seem to do fairly well (comparatively) as far as collective agreement of the what and the why. 

I began using the generalized concept of traffic rules as a way to get the thinking kids (ie. why do I have to stand in this line? why do I have to _________?), often known as rule breakers, to consider school rules. In general, school rules are helpful to get everyone where they want to go. 

My typical approach with the thinking kids is to validate their curiosity and bravery. I tend to agree that rules can feel suffocating. When one feels suffocated, one desires to break free. Survival instincts kick in.

I don’t particularly like rules. I have learned to appreciate structure and processes. When I think of energy, I can recognize it needs a container to experience itself. Again with the win-win: how to allow for a container and not feel contained.


I mapped out, or rather created a structure, for the 2021 blog year. Monthly themes or topics that correlate to an executive function, or skillset. You can read the post initiate to gain a clearer picture.

June brings this blog to emotional regulations. June will focus on the skill to shift, and July will focus on emotional control, specific to the response or reaction to unexpected shifts


Intentional growth in one’s human potential begins with awareness. Awareness of patterns that keep one stuck or spinning in some version of ‘same’ that does not satisfy or lead to growth outcomes.


Shifts happen all the time. Once one becomes aware of the shift, one can anticipate or allow for it. Unexpected shifts, or transitions, can trigger one’s stress response. 

A year ago I was excited to share a digital ebook that included my why and relevant parts of my journey in personal growth and transformation. I shared the link in the blog post trance.

In the ebook, part three is a series of processes that can be a starting point to humanizing your own self: caring about yourself enough to notice limiting thoughts that tell a story of lack or limitation and keep one stuck in a same script that leads to undesireable outcomes.

June 2020 got my attention. Rumbles. Cracks. Exposure. Disbelief. Tears. Confusion.

One year later.