It’s  August 1 and back in Denver. I have been home nine days this summer break. Being gone the month of July was unexpected.

The last ten days included what felt like continuous sensory input of natural, rustic, tropical beauty.  

I always gush during morning coffee time. Intentionally accessing the gush is the whole point of my morning coffee time. 

The contrast between Florida coffee time and Denver coffee time has been evident to me these last two mornings I’ve been home.

It has nothing to do with Denver. It’s urban apartment v. poolside lounge in secluded natural setting.

The contrast was in the conditions. 


Take a second to allow this to soak in…

Same gush.

The uncondition.

Typically I post on Saturday. Today is Sunday and it also happens to be the first day of a new month. August is going to focus on the executive skill to inhibit. We’ll go from emotional regulation skills to behavior regulation skills. To inhibit builds nicely upon July’s emotional control. 

Last week’s blog examined how being the noticer of your own split energy is fundamental to healthy emotional control

Want a more recognizable word for split energy?

How about the word stress.

Familiar enough?

Two opposing forces create tension, or stress. When we live a life that is out of balance, it creates tension. The felt sensation of the tension exists to indicate, or warn, that we are moving outside of the equilibrium that is our wellbeing. Mindful humans notice the tension and practice skills, tools, and strategies to return to the balanced state. Mindful humans are not mad at the tension, they are curious about the feeling and what information it has for them. Mindful humans are aware that the life experience is one of continuous growth. 

When we practice noticing the indicator that is stress, we can work with the new information rather than avoid or push against it. When we learn to manage day-to-day and how we respond to information and conditions, we grow a sense of control that allows better understanding and trust in managing the BIG (and even the extreme) situations, circumstances, and events. 

On Sunday evenings (or early monday morning) I post to @sallysifer on Insta’s IGTV, a video ramble (often/mostly/always unedited) with a variety of what I call ‘nuggets’ to ‘chew’ on for the week. The video below includes a few clips from this past week that includes emotional control and shared humanity.