Lagging a bit on the topic for this month. Sticking to the January 2021 proposal of monthly themes based on behavior skillsets I learned on the job. See this blog for more ‘deets’.

Behavior is a beast. Oh how ‘we’ want to quantify and control it. Oh how ‘we’ want to make our own undesirable behavior choices the fault of someone or something else.

Maybe ‘we’ don’t. Maybe ‘I’ have it wrong.

Let’s chip away at a general definition of behavior, and then consider a definition of function. I’m going to pre-pave the outcome to the latter: the function is the why.

Behavior: an urge or impulse to act or not act, to do or to not do.

Sounding quantifiable.

True or False. One’s behavior choices are the result of an external condition or conditions.

If you answered true and you are reading my blog curious about new outcomes for yourself (self-care blog 😉). You have just stumbled upon a false belief. An openness to disrupt this belief will lead you to sustainable growth outcomes in day.

If you answered false, you recognize yourself as the noticer. The noticer is the choicemaker. A choicemaker is empowered.

Self-Care 101: ordinary day…extraordinary way, is about you. ‘You’ can analyze the heck out of behavior choices and how the other is responsible. ‘You’ can prove it 100 different ways (#exaggeration).

When your level of satisfaction in a present moment experience is dependent on a condition, who or what is in charge? Who or what has the power?

An examiner of one’s choicemaking can ask why?

The list of behaviors is perhaps exhaustible (?); but what lies beneath the choice? What’s the function? The function is the why.

The Why can be defensible, but it can keep you stuck or spinning in the same result(s).

And then what?

If the response to and then what has you stumped, here is an opportunity for disruption by considering a healthy response to and then what. A healthy response would not cause harm to self or other, and would contribute to sustainable growth outcomes (SGO). SGO’s build on themselves – this would be the opposite of stuck or spinning in same.

Let’s ponder these nuggets.

I’m typing directly on my phone outside and am noticing what might be a gnat situation.

I need to exercise choicemaking.