To resonate with words.

To calibrate to a belief system.

When it comes to human potential, I believe in that which is inclusive and loving.

All humans are born with guidance.

All humans have an intuitive way of being exactly who they are.

All humans benefit from daily attunement, resonance, calibration to what feels right and what resonates with their own sense of self.

Slowing down to return to your own sense of balance and equilibrium is a good idea.

This is self-regulation.

If one is not familiar with a regulated state, what does one regulate to?

When one depends on external conditions to ‘set the tone’, one has just relinguished power to the conditions.

Conditions are anything external: weather, traffic, news, partner, boss, employee, teacher, student, parent, children, bank account, stock market, grades, job, school, etc.

You set the tone for you by calibrating to a regulated state first…and then ________.

You are the only one who knows what it feels like to be regulated: not too much, not too little, just right. Open, clear, stable.

When you tell the story of the external conditions being responsible for your internal state, you continue to fight/flight/freeze/faint (dysregulated) in response to the conditions not giving you what you want (regulated).

You set the tone.

You calibrate to the goodness.

You resonate with the uncondition.

You tell the story.

You have your own guidance.

You have your own way of being exactly who you are.


Practice being really good at being you.

And then _________.

When you recognize this power, you are empowered.

And then…you recognize all humans are sourced with the same thing.


The infinite game of a continuous self-evolution.