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Today is an important post. Assuming I can align the nuggets, it’s a post to savor. To sip on…and notice what flavors resonate with you.

True or False. There has to be one stabilizing source of energy.

To make sense of the next thing, the answer is true.

All living things regulate to a unifying source of energy, whether known or unknown. When connected to the source it could be named homeostasis or equilibrium.

In the space of the stabilizing source, the felt sensation can be one of balance, or a sense of expansion. The gush originates here.

When born, it may be one’s experience to unintentionally assume there is someone or something in the physical world that is the source of stability.

A pattern can form where one ‘tries to’ regulate to the external source of power, or the ‘one in charge’.

This can begin with a caretaker, a teacher, authority figure, an organizational leader, a boss…this list is lengthy perhaps.

A pattern of regulating to an external source of power to define one’s sense of self (meaning, purpose, value, worth, etc) lies in direct contradiction to the unifying source of wellbeing.

The desire to please an external power is lose-lose.

When it comes to behavior patterns, when one believes their goodness comes from external means, this opens one up to a variety of choices that align with either compliance (to adapt to), defiance (refusal to adapt to), or a disingenuous split likened to a contrived manipulation. I suppose enmeshment, and other terms that may show up in therapy, fit here as well.

General functions of problematic behavior choices: to avoid (discomfort or pain), to escape (discomfort or pain), attention-seeking (for approval or merit), to obtain a tangible or intangible reward (approval or merit).

Unhelpful behavior choices that keep one stuck or spinning in a version of same, most likely originate from a malaligned belief as to where the goodness is sourced.

When one orients to the nonphysical stabilizing source of wellbeing, one is connected to their authentic self.

This is good.

Authentic living feels good because it is good. Authentic choicemaking comes from resonance with an intuitive sense of knowing or guidance.

Attune to the goodness first, and then.