“And just like that…”, she writes…“she wonders about abetterway.”

You are a story.


“I don’t want to be alone.” (I desire connection.)

“I’m scared.” (I love feeling safe.)

“I’m embarassed.” (I love a sense of confident knowing, trusting my okay-ness.)

“I don’t like tasks that seem meaningless.” (I like efforts to be connected to a bigger purpose.)


The story is playing itself out on the screen of life. When you take a moment to remove yourself from the screen, you can stop and become the observer. You are in the theater, sitting in the chair watching the show. You are in charge of the play ▶️, stop ⏹, pause ⏸, rewind ⏪, fast forward⏩ of your mind screen. You can rewrite the script. You can write yourself into the script of your desired outcomes.

Feeling stuck or spinning in a version of same can be as unsatisfying as it can be satisfying. Same is familiar.

Amongst the roles we play in this 21st century experience are two competing social roles of those who may feel as if they have everything to lose, and those who feel they have nothing to lose. An inverted split on either side, torn between a sense of power-full, and the competing sense of power-less. The energetic frequency that supports these splits is a vibrational resonance of fear. Bouncing between a sense of power and control, and a sense of powerless and lack, is a resonance with an energetic frequency/pattern that is outside the wave/flow/source of possibility. Resonating with the energetic field of possibility moves you outside of the external program and into the seat of the witness.

It’s difficult to imagine how a wireless connection works. It is difficult to imagine how a television network sends energetic vibration through channels.



clear connection.




Somehow a sound vibration (“Alexa/Siri…could you…”) resonates to a wireless container and turns on a screen that shares content. You have the power to change the channel.

day? signals? channels? clear connection? waves? frequencies? flow?

the something more. abetterway.

Is the story-i-tell contributing to the what if…possibility, or is my screen contributing to the what if…fear…🤔

Am I enmeshed with what is projected on the ‘screen’ (external), or am I aware of myself as the one viewing the ‘screen’?

I am capable.

I contribute.

I am in control.

That which is essential is good. You are goodness. Goodness flows. Resonate to its signal. Allow it to channel into your experience of day.