Last night, the nugget crumbs led me to a NY Times article dated 9.11.2020 by Richard Sandomir. I learned that one of my favorite influences, Ken Robinson, died in August of 2020. It surprised me. The article included this quote from his daughter: He’d tell teachers that they are the system, and that if you change your approach to teaching you’ve changed the system.

Here is a quote from a recent influence, James Clear: You don’t rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.

In simplest terms, as it relates to self-care: a system is a process or an established routine.

next thing

To prepare a manifesto of the 2022 blog year, I’ll hack a picture with words of the anticipated new blog format:

The top of the blog will have an Instagram widget to grow my Instagram 'game'. I feel as if Insta captures my content best. It's simple and includes a link to this blog. Underneath the widget will be a visual image. Then a simple profile/bio. THEN an audio recording of the blog content. Then the content. I'm excited about the widget and audio.

next thing

Next week begins the new blog year. The weekly posts will align with 2021 IGTV video ‘nuggets’.

Currently, I am editing the 2021 blog book: abetterway. using inner resources to create your own algorithm.

Here is the dedication and foreword:

Dedicated to abetterway.

June 3, 2020 viral video.

Three generations. Same fight.

“What you see right now is going to happen ten years from now. You’re going to be right here too. So what I need you to do right now at sixteen is come up with a better way. How we doing it, it ain’t working. You can come up with a better way because we ain’t doing it.”

Liberty and Justice for all.

External world. Human collective. Humanity. Contribution.


quote taken from Curtis Hayes Jr

‘now THIS is me…’, she says quietly to herself.

I turned fifty this year. On several occasions prior to my birthday, I was overwhelmed with emotion. The emotion was pride. I was proud of myself.

Early in the last decade of my ‘more intentional’ approach to creating different personal outcomes, I reflected on a suggestion that one knows early in life what one desires to ‘become’. My analysis dissected my early interests to teaching (based on my preferred imaginary play as a child), and inspirational speaker (based on my earliest memories of what captured my interest and attention – the ‘whole’ of me).

Actually, it was much earlier in life when I narrowed down the desire to be an inspirational speaker. The problem I was up against was that I had no great story. I didn’t feel all that interesting. No tragedy. No major adverse life experience to overcome.

I had a thought this past year that I am kind of interesting…now.

I have lived and continue to live a single life. It just happened this way. I live in an apartment above a house in Denver. I get up at 2am during a workweek. I enjoy quiet time.

Quiet time grew my greatest discovery in the most functional and satisfying relationship I have found. The relationship I have with myself.

I think the thing that makes me most unique is that I am happy. I hacked my way to figuring out how to tap in to good vibes and sustain it regardless of external conditions. I hacked the uncondition. I continue to grow, and recognize that growth is the consistent variable. Unexpected challenges, unplanned events, and uncomfortable situations are a constant in an evolving human experience.

I tipped the emotional scale and have experienced momentum in my discovery. I share what I think I know.

I love authentic connection. It seems that a desire to live an authentic expression will attract authentic experiences. Authentic content sharing can inspire its own algorithm.

Algorithms are powerful as they gain momentum.

January 6, 2021 @sallysifer #instaquote