I loved my content-share-routine in 2021. It was simple. Cruise control. 

All 2021 blog posts, along with their complementary instaquote, are captured in a new ebook titled: abetterway. Using Inner Resources to Create Your Own Algorithm. 

The only remaining ‘share’ would be my 2021 Instagram videos.

I just learned IGTV is no longer. The change happened in October 2021. I figured it out today and I post every week. What was IGTV is now referred to as Instagram Videos. This screenshot is a computer screen. On the phone it shows the play button. ▶️

Based on the popularity of YouTube and TikTok, it seems those who use social media platforms may prefer video content over written and/or visual. Based on the success of TikTok, it seems users not only like video, they prefer short snippets of engaging video.

(If your day includes engaging young people, being clever with relevant preferences can be useful.)

In 2022, I am recycling my 2021 weekly video content into blog posts and reels.

I still have yet to niche my content. I like to think it will happen organically in its own unique timing and rhythm. The content seems as general as it is specific.

As of this post, my blog design is under construction. This has nothing to do with the content. The content lives in me and I create mostly in the early morning when I feel clear, open, stable – connected to the something more. The design and publish piece is task-ey and brain-explosion-inducing. I am hitting a growth spurt, so it may be a bit inconsistent until it isn’t.

I’d like to share the first edition (meaning, the first read through edit – not ready to share anywhere else yet..for example, the pictures need to be aligned better) pdf of abetterway. You can download to apple books and kindle.