The following blog post is scribed from a 10.25.2020 @sallysifer Instagram Video. 

I originally intended the 2022 blog year to scribe Instagram Videos aligned with one year prior. Suggesting that today I would scribe the video from the first/second week of February 2021.

I have been creating weekly Instagram reels sequentially from the beginning of my Instagram Videos. I began making reels 11.13.21. The first Insta video was 7.26.20.

This weekend’s reel was 10.25.20.

Alas. Today’s scribe post is from 10.25.20. It was too relevant to pass up.

In this post, I am referring to Orange Theory Fitness. It appears I am a bit enmeshed with the studio as my current posts are integrated with the OTF Transformation Challenge.

I have no further comment.

Enjoy the content.

PS. PERMA was a skill taught in the GoZen! social-emotional curriculum I began using during the 2020 school quarantine. I liked GoZen! because I could use it in virtual lessons with students.

I love the experience because it puts me in the role of a student, and I work in schools. I think all persons that work with childrenif we put ourselves in positions of a student – whether it’s to learn a new language, or to learn a new skill, to take classes: exercise, yoga – something like that. It helps to connect to these learning curves. It helps to connect to the process of learning.

And really, LIFE is the teacher. We’re always a student. And so we are always in the process of learning. The thing that I think happens is that we get so attached to outcomes, that we miss the moments. We miss the essence. We miss the sensual experience of awareness and growth.

My experience this week at Orange Theory was: I’ve been going for over a year, and there is a certain grade you could say that you get every time you go. There’s a certain number of splat points that you want to get, and you can see how many calories you burn. I have certain numbers that I like to get for the workouts. This week I noticed for the first time I was actually so proud of myself for my ability to perform – the push pace and the burpees. The comparison of myself – where I began, and where I am now. I was like, ‘Good job Sally’; and I could tell halfway through that I wasn’t on track for my splats, and my calories were lower – but it was the first time I genuinely didn’t care. I was really proud of myself for my growth.

I mentioned before in my blogs, or in the videos, about this…it’s Positive Psychology, but people get turned off by that because they think ‘oh, you’re not paying attention to reality’; (but there’s)…Martin Seligman came up with this definition of happiness. And there’s this acronym PERMA. I wonder about it as a report card. Instead of being attached to these particular outcomes, what if every day we were curious about our PERMA, our:

Positive emotions. How much today did I experience what I consider Positive emotions. I like the feeling of clarity, just having a clear mind, to me, is a Positive emotion. I personally (also) take the time in the morning and evening to connect to that experience of what I consider a clear feeling, where I can get into this state of goodness and possibility. I am much better at it in the morning than in the evening.

And then E is for Engagement. Being present in our experiences.

The R is for Relationships and how we relate to others, and how others relate to us. This is an area for me that I really need to work on. It was way easier for me to get clear and to get healthy, and to be able to maintain this good feeling state (that I am sharing…my skills), easier for me to kind of put people (aside), to just really develop this relationship with myself. And I think just being alive, we do need to live with others. (But.) So, how did I do with Relationships today?

And M is for Meaning. I heard someone say that Meaning to adults is like connectedness to kids. I think sometimes adults are trying to…, maybe we just get this mixed up idea of what Meaning is, and trying to be relevant and push our relevance, instead of being curious about new ideas or new ways of thinking, or being curious about the children.

…and then A is for Achievement. And when I think of Achievement, I think of growth. So how did I grow today? This idea that just to be connected to our day, that we could grade ourselves on this concept of ‘happiness’ by being curious about reflecting on the day, and being curious about our:

Positive Emotion – what was (our) grade,

Engagement – what was (our) grade,

Relationships – what was (our) grade,

Meaning – what was (our) grade,

Achievement – what was (our) grade.

And…from a place of reflection and curiosity.

And then what would the comments be?

What did we do great, what could we do better tomorrow?