May 1, 2023.

A new theme.

I wanted to share some resources to start a new month. Fish is the card that was chosen for May. Again, check out the post deck for context.

The first thing I thought of for ‘fish’ was yoga poses and the nervous system. I continue to find ways to ‘land’ this lesson. I created a video on my work computer that (to my mind) has my best explanation. I’ve been in the process since Spring ’21 to transfer that video and make clips that are useful. It will come soon. So soon.

For now, here is a fun, short movement combination followed by ‘breath’. (I’ll have to connect ‘beehive’ to the water element…)

I created this during quarantine. I assume it includes the movement poses for the nervous system.
Video created by a student six years ago on a channel he created using my school iPad. “When you want to behave…beehive.” 🐝