Pushing against.

Whenever we push against something the thing we push against has to exist – otherwise there would be nothing to push against. 

Pushing and pulling go together…one can’t exist without the other.

Just as the laws of the universe work to sustain life as we conceptualize it (balance of the atmosphere, cellular structures, gravitational pull to stay on the ground, etc) – push and pull work as tangential forces.

The human part of us can focus on the push or the pull as it relates to day to day life. I can push against what I don’t want or I can be pulled toward what I do want. 

There is evidence for both.

We get to choose what we focus on.

When someone is going through shitty life circumstances it seems logical to support the ‘suck’ – and validate that life is hard, bad things happen, etc. 

But then what?

Where do you go from there?

As a school mental health provider, being exposed to other people’s ‘suck’ is part of the deal. Trauma is a ‘thing’. 

Trauma has a range.

Trauma is an event, circumstance, or situation that was unexpected and shifted what was perceived as ‘normal’. Trauma disrupts a person’s sense of safety and security. When we don’t feel safe we activate the intelligence of our stress response – fight, flight, freeze, faint…homicide, suicide, anxiety/fear, sickness. 

Just like a ‘trauma’ can occur…why can’t the opposite occur at any given moment? Could we just as easily assume that something good is about to happen as we can assume or anticipate the next worst thing?

Disruption is a ‘thing’ and has been now for some time. Music, television, retail, transportation – all these and more have been disrupted in ways that are easily observable (depending on a person’s age this might not make any sense). 

Disruption is something that can easily be ‘pushed against’. Change. Change is only interpreted as ‘trauma’ by the story we tell about it. 

We tell our story.

Self-awareness allows us to recognize the story we tell and make a choice about whether or not it’s the story we want to tell. Like any story, the story we tell has a theme. Disrupt themes that don’t edify – that don’t contribute to life and your aliveness. 

When you take on the role of the storyteller you take on your power. Your power to create a story that resonates with positive expectation and possibility.

Just like your favorite coach of your favorite team tells the story of the win….over and over and over again.

Life brings you to your knees. It brings you lower than you think you can go. But if you stand back up and move forward, if you go just a little farther, you will always find love.

Isabel Diaz (Life Itself)