force is any interaction that, when unopposed, will change the motion of an object.


Several years ago, I had an opportunity to visit sixth grade students experiencing the Windy Peak outdoor lab school outside of Bailey, Colorado. I participated in a science class and observed the effects of destructive and constructive forces in nature. The hands on experience made me curious about the constuctive and destructive forces that live inside my mind.

Using words like ‘force’ with kids of a certain age and interest level, can gain their interest. Most kids naturally understand the difference between destructive and constructive forces in nature.

The word power is fun too. I like to say in lesson scenarios, ‘if we don’t tap into our own power, we are on one of two ends – powerful or powerless… when we tap in, or tune in, to our own power we are empowered.

Let’s say that power and a ‘force’ are the same thing. Energy.

Energy in motion. Emotion.

Let’s also say that our thoughts create the feeling state – emotion. Our feeling state can be in one or two ‘modes’ – survival or creative. If you took a minute to read this blog and you are this far along, you are tapping into a feeling state of possibility. Survival mode isn’t set up to contemplate.

Growing in your own self-awareness allows you to be an observer of your FITS – feelings, impulses, thoughts, and sensations. Mindfulness practice allows us to notice the experience of our FITS without necessarily needing to respond. And to have the experience without judgement, comparison, or criticism. Noticing. Allowing.

Take a minute to slow down and notice. Notice the theme of your thoughts. And without judgement, comparison, or criticism, notice if your thinking is destructive or contructive.

Constructive thoughts. Build. Design. Grow. Contribute. Lead to New Outcomes.

When it comes to day to day life, it seems irresponsible to not face whatever is immediate.

Unwanted, unexpected, undesirable events are termed reality – what is seen, heard, smelled, tasted, touched. Facts.

My guess is when major sporting events were cancelled this week, the advice the players got was to give themselves a window (24 hours – max) to have a pity party. And then….dream.

Plan. Envision. Wonder.

Anticipate the next great thing.

Constructive thinking leads to a desireable feeling state. Creative mode. Creative mode allows for anticipating the pleasure of unexpected outcomes that contribute to life and its abundance of possibilities.

Our thinking is a force that leads to a feeling state. Our feeling state transmits energetically. Momentum. Shift.