Welcome to my first post with an audio recording.

Something More. Connecting to the pulse of a Shared Humanity was recently uploaded to Amazon Kindle Publishing and made available at Amazon Books. If you would like to purchase a copy, tap the title and it will take you to the Amazon link.

Something More. is a collection of 2020 posts.

force. was posted the third week of March 2020. Remember that week?

If you follow my content, you know I love Quiet Time. Something More. could be used as a reflection tool in your own QT. It pairs well with sips as you consider how you desire to show up and express yourself in day.

“If we don’t tap into our own power, we are on one of two ends – powerful or powerless…when we tap in, or tune in, to our own power we are empowered.”

Sally Seiffer, Something More – force. pp 35-37