A fresh feeling. The feeling after a workout, a long walk, a beautiful hike. Fresh. Rejuvenated. An expansive feeling. A light feeling. Free. Clean. Fresh and clean. Fresh sheets, fresh towel, fresh shower. There’s something about that fresh feeling. It’s almost as if one has a sense of attainment. I have mastered the task. A reward. 

I think for most of my life, that fresh feeling almost felt like a plateau. I did it. It’s done. I will never not feel this way. And then…the sheets need to be washed again, it’s time for another shower. But…I just did that…I thought I was complete.

Patterns. Cycles. Beginning. Middle. End.

When it comes to our inside world of energy in motion, or emotion, it’s the same thing. There is this fresh and balanced way of being, and it feels good. It feels good because it is good. Well-being. A state of being in balance. Not too much, not too little. And we ebb away from it as the variety of life, or the variety of our thoughts, gets our attention. When we get too far away from its field, we notice the discomfort. Our emotion indicates to us that we have ebbed away from our natural, balanced state. And when we are aware, we turn back toward it and allow it to flow again.

A dance. 

The skill of self-awareness allows us to be attuned to the natural ebb and flow of our physical and non-physical existence. 

The ebb supports and allows for our growth. It’s diverse to humans, to the planet. Different desires. Different preferences. Yet, we all flow in the same source of well-being.

The non physical experience of well-being is felt. It’s noticed. The more you bring your attention to it, the more you recognize it. It exists. We tune to it. We allow the experience of it.

When we attune to a balanced state of well-being, we access the whole of who we are. We create our next steps. We create a sense of our desired outcomes. We ponder and reflect on how we desire to show up and express ourselves. The source of well-being is abundant. It can’t be limited, but we can limit our access to it. When we get curious about this source, this state, we may stop playing chess with the people in our lives. We may stop calculating our decisions based on how others might respond. Instead, we may make decisions from an intuitive state of knowing. We begin to allow life, and stop pursuing a specific end game that is contingent on how others behave.  

Fresh. New. 

It seems we have all been placed in quiet time. Will it regulate our inside world? Will we come out more attuned? More inspired? 

I think so.