It’s time to ‘wrap this up’ with a final 2020 blog: gift.

Originally, I anticipated this final blog to be named: wish. The meaning behind wish. had to do with a wish I hold in my heart. Wishes are interesting. A true wish, an authentic wish, has to come from a place centered in wholeness. This means the wish does not come from a space of lack. The wish is not to fill something that is missing.

Nothing is missing.

And yet…

there is something more.

The something more is the source of wellbeing AND the inspired state of possibility that roots itself in desire for more. We are coded to desire – the path to our truest desires are what mold and shape us…we evolve, we grow.

The wish:

As we begin this final week of a globally inclusive experience, we catch ourselves. We pause our show. The show we star in. We hit the pause and notice the habit. The habit to assume someone or something else is responsible for the imperfection.

2020 did not do anything to anyone. 2020 is not a global scapegoat. 2020 happened. Circumstances. Situations. Events. They happen. Life unfolds.

When the narrative depends on an enemy, there will always be a ‘bad guy’. To push against the enemy keeps us moving upstream. When we let go of the enemy, we shift. We stop pushing against the current, and instead we align with the current. We settle into the flow of what we are pulled toward. The something more.

Here is the gift.

Best I could deconstruct ‘gift’, was that the best gifts are unexpected. The best gifts get your attention. True attention is presence. When we are focused, we are in an integrated state of mind, body, and heart. We are present. The best gifts attract the whole of who we are. The best gifts validate. The best gifts are those that allow us to feel seen, heard, valued, and understood.

Wanting for another what we want for ourselves. An aspect of a shared humanity. When we give our own self the gift of validation. When we see ourselves for who we are. When we listen to our truth. When we value ourselves and allow space to understand. This gift is one we can continue to give. When we do this, it becomes a habit. Like anything we practice, we get better at it. Skills, tools, and strategies that at first seem awkward, uncomfortable, and unwanted, become simple. We create a new baseline. A new set point. A space to orient to. A space to live from.

A gift has to be received. To receive, one must be open. Open to the possibility of what the gift holds. The best gifts come unexpected. The best gifts surprise us. The best gifts resonate with a spirit of validation: feeling seen, heard, valued, and understood.

Life is a story that unfolds.

The essence of a gift. When you care about yourself, you open yourself up to this gift of love for your own self first. Orienting to this gift, receiving what is available, makes it easy to radiate this gift toward others. The wish is that of what is possible. The gift may be what is already. The constant return to what is available to receive.

The best gifts continue to give.