Today is the last day of January 2021. 

Nice job. You did it. 

✅ it’s done.

Now what?

I blog on Saturday mornings. I enjoy it. Yesterday morning I was fatigued. I often observe myself as if I am sitting in the stands watching my life unfold. Since returning to work in January, I have watched the momentum of too much play out. On Thursday, I locked my keys in the car. Noticing the indicators (forgetting things, losing keys, throwing away what I meant to save and saving what I meant to throw away, messes appearing from seemingly-only-just-previously clean space, waking up in intensified energy of something I experienced during the day only to be magnified in the middle of the night, etc); and feeling the momentum grow, is Self-Awareness-Sally’s version of ‘too much’. Prior to my personal transformation, locking my keys in the car would have been another inconvenience to complain about rather than recognize as an indicator to slow down and reset.

When I get overwhelmed, it helps to get back to the why. Noticing the too much and asking why reminds me of the meaning I desire to be aligned with, more than just completing tasks. Too much gets stuck on autopilot. The daily todo’s become mechanistic. Too much doesn’t have time for questions.

What is the why?

Why work out? Why eat meals? Why clean the space? Why have conversations?

There is a sensual experience in the why that creates meaning. Sights, sounds, feelings – vibrations. Good vibes. Returning to the sensual experience of the why. Meals taste good. Lighting creates a mood. Smells are soothing, and energy producing or releasing. Sounds too. Touch. Taking the time to notice the touch of the shower, the application of the smells/nonsmells, the soothing slowness that transforms a todo into a moment. Pleasure.

Present moment awareness. Noticing. Allowing. It brings one back to the reset. To the why. It feels good to be connected, attuned to the sensual experience of day.

Underneath every desired outcome is a why. The focus gets us tripped up. When the focus is on the completion of a task, we miss the process. Attuning to the process helps us find meaning in the moment. To feel connected to the flow of energy that is available in present moment awareness opens us up to the something more.